Mitsubishi Pencil "Advance" Mechanical Pencil

Mitsubishi Pencil "Advance" Series

Mitsubishi Pencil will release eight new products from the "Advance" series of mechanical pencils for writing beautiful letters on November 11 in limited quantities.

The Advance


was developed by combining the company's accumulated technologies to meet the needs of students, who are heavy users of mechanical pencils, to write beautiful letters and to concentrate on their studies without worrying about lead tip depletion or lead breakage. The new product was released in 2017 as a "Sharpie that can write beautiful letters" that does not change the density or thickness of the letters.

The new axis color is a simple one-tone design with trendy dull colors and gorgeous colors that add color to daily life. It has a soft and soothing finish that is easy to pick up regardless of age or gender.

Mitsubishi Pencil "Advance" Mechanical Pencil

Elaborately machined parts suppress vibrations of the nib, ensuring a stable writing feel. The rotating lead mechanism allows the user to continue writing beautiful letters without changing the density or thickness of the pen. The slide pipe, which enables writing without pulling the nib tip out of the tip pipe, prevents nib breakage during writing.

The clip and nock cover are made of plated metal. The clip is also more durable when clipping notebooks, textbooks, etc. to it.

Product Overview
Product name: Advance
Item name: M3-559 1P
Core diameter: 0.3mm
Shaft color: AM White, AS Rose, PI Almond, SL Blue
Price: ¥605 per piece (¥550 before tax)

Product name: Advance
Item name: M5-559 1P
Core diameter: 0.5mm
Shaft colors: AM White, AS Rose, CL Cloud , MI Night
Price: 605 yen per piece (550 yen without tax)