Maruman "Loose-leaf mini


Loose Leaf Mini" From MARUMANN's "Loose Leaf Mini" series, loose leaves, accessories, and binders for study scenes are now available in limited quantities. They will be available at stationery retailers nationwide on December 23.


Leaf Mini Loose Leaf Mini is a small, one-hand-size loose leaf. It has been well received for its rich lineup that can be selected according to one's own unique usage and its ease of customization. This time, the product has been commercialized as a study item that is useful for reviewing for examinations and in the skimming time that was popular among students in the "Call for Ideas on How to Use Looseleaf Mini" campaign held in November 2020.

The "Skimmer of Time" allows you to quickly look back while commuting to school, the "Skimmer of Space" takes up little space on your desk or in your bag, and the "Skimmer of Pages" allows you to add important points at any position in your binder. These three skimmers, which take advantage of the small size unique to Loose Leaf Mini, support comfortable learning.

Maruman "Loose-leaf mini

Easy-to-Write Loose-leaf Mini Smart Review Essential Points Check Ruled

You can summarize only the essential points you need, making it easy to see and efficient to check important points before a test or when preparing for a niggle. The outer frame of the loose-leaf paper is colored to catch the eye when it is inserted in the binder, making it easy to look back over.

Maruman "Easy-to-Write Loose-leaf Mini Smart Review, Checkpoint Ruled"

The writing area is white. The 50-sheet pack is priced at 220 yen (tax included).

Easy-to-Write Loose Leaf Mini Smart Review Word Ruled

A simple design that focuses on the essentials, the ruled lines can be easily arranged according to study methods. 48 words can be written on a single sheet, making it less bulky than a word card. The 50-sheet pack is priced at 220 yen (tax included).

Maruman "Easy-to-Write Loose Leaf Mini Smart Review Word Ruled"

Easy-to-Write Looseleaf Mini Smart Review

Memorization Sheets Like the Looseleaf Mini, these memorization sheets can be inserted into any binder, whether A4, B5, A5, or mini size. Since they can be bound in the binder, you can prevent them from being lost by dropping them. Comes with 10 sheets each of ruled check sheets for main points and ruled sheets for memorization. Price: ¥275 (tax included).

Maruman "Easy-to-Write Loose Leaf Mini Smart Review Memorization Sheet"


Mini Binder

A mini size binder from the "Session" brand of study binders. Available in unisex colors: "light purple," "mint green," "gradation," and "clear. Price: 770 yen (tax included).

Session Mini Binder