MUJI "polyethylene bags for hot water cooking" and "polyethylene gloves

MUJI "hot water cookable polyethylene bags," "polyethylene gloves," and "

sterile wet tissues" Polyethylene bags for hot water cooking and polyethylene gloves are available at MUJI stores and online stores nationwide from November 9 (Wed.). Sterile Wet Tissues" have been on sale since Wednesday, November 16.

Aiming to support daily life in every corner of Japan, MUJI is currently expanding its lineup of daily necessities and consumables that are useful in everyday life. The products to be introduced this time are consumables that are frequently used in daily life. They are meticulously designed with functions that enhance convenience.

Polyethylene bags for cooking in


water "Polyethylene bags for cooking in hot water" can be used for cooking in hot water as well as for refrigerated or frozen food storage. The roll-type design eliminates the stress of having several sheets come out stacked on top of each other and makes it easy to remove each sheet. Generally packaged in a box package, but packaged in PP bags to save space when the number of sheets is reduced.

MUJI "Polyethylene bags that can be used for cooking in hot water

Contains 40 sheets. Priced at 99 yen (tax included).

MUJI "Polyethylene bags that can be used for cooking in hot water

<Cautions for cooking in boiling water>
* If the water is heated to boiling, the bag may rupture or you may get burned. Use slow heat over low to medium heat.
Remove air from the bag and place a heatproof plate or similar object on the bottom of the pot before heating.
Do not allow the bag to come in contact with the bottom of the pot or the skin of the pot. Do not allow the bag to come in contact with the bottom of the pot or the skin of the pot, as it may melt.

<Do not use in a microwave oven until the defrost mode, and do not use for cooking.
Do not defrost foods with high oil content (fried foods, curry, stew, etc.) in a microwave oven. The oil content will become hot and may melt the bag.
* When defrosting, open part of the bag to defrost.



"Polyethylene gloves" are products that can be used in various scenes such as cleaning, cooking, gardening, pet care, and nursing care. The inside of the gloves are embossed to make them smooth and easy to put on and take off. Another feature of these gloves is that they are free size and can be used on either the left or right hand. A scale is included on the side of the box to help you find the size when purchasing.

MUJI "polyethylene gloves

Pack of 40. The product will go on sale on November 9.

MUJI "polyethylene gloves

Sterilizing Wet


"Sterilizing Wet Tissues" were previously available only in a non-alcohol type, but now an alcohol type has been added. The alcohol type "Sterilizing Wet Tissues" uses plant-derived fermented ethanol. They are paraben-free, but with a higher alcohol content instead of parabens, they volatilize quickly and have a refreshing feel.

Pack of 20 sheets. Priced at 99 yen (tax included); available November 16.

Parabens are a type of preservative. It is also used as a preservative in cosmetics and food, but sensitive people may have skin problems due to allergies.