KAI KOBAKO "Colorful My Makeup Set


Holiday Limited Collection "Colorful

My Makeup Set" KOBAKO, a beauty tool brand of KAI, will launch a limited edition coffret "Colorful My Makeup Set" as part of the KOBAKO 2022 Holiday Limited Collection. The price is 6,600 yen (tax included).

Colorful My Makeup


uses upcycled nylon bristles (recycled from plastic bottles) as brush material. In addition to powder, the brushes can be used for liquid and cream type items to beautifully apply makeup.

KAI KOBAKO "Colorful My Makeup Set

The brightly colored multi-colored wooden handle is eye-catching even when stored, and is comfortable to hold in the hand. The pouch is easy to wash even if it gets dirty, making it convenient for carrying your makeup brushes and lipsticks with you or for travel.

Blush Brush

This brush has plenty of bristles for a soft feel on the skin. The round shape of the brush allows you to apply color softly just by gliding it sideways. The slim tip can be used not only for blush but also for retouching such as highlighting the T-zone.

KAI KOBAKO "Colorful My Makeup Set

Eye Shadow Brush M

A flat brush with a moderate firmness that can be used on uneven eye holes and for applying intermediate colors of eye shadows. It can be used to beautifully create eye color gradations and improve the perfection of eye makeup.

KAI KOBAKO "Colorful My Makeup Set

Double-Ended Brush (Eye Shadow Brush S & Eyebrow Brush)

A double-ended


with a special touch. The eyeshadow brush S is recommended for applying a tightening color to the eye area. The eyebrow brush is droplet-shaped and can be used to delicately draw in targeted areas, perfect for bouncing up eyeliner and the end of eyebrows.

KAI KOBAKO "Colorful My Makeup Set


A clear pouch designed with a striking motif of a geometric pattern expressing diversity and layered with the brand logo.

KAI KOBAKO "Colorful My Makeup Set