KATE "Kate Tights".



Tights" KATE will release "Kate Tights" on November 19 (Sat.), 2012, which provides a shading effect to make even the tips of the legs look sharp. Limited quantities.


Tights Secret Shade Tights are based on the philosophy of "shading effects" that Kate has cultivated through its makeup items. The "shadow weave" design is different for the center and sides, creating a highlight effect by letting the bare skin show through naturally in the center. The color is darker on the sides than in the center to create a shaded effect, and the yarn is woven into each side.

KATE "Kate Tights".

The natural shading accentuates the length of the legs, creating a sharp impression. The compression effect emphasizes the neckline of the ankle and leads to a toned impression.

KATE "Kate Tights".

Three colors are available to choose from to match your coordinates and makeup. Recommended for fall and winter fashion. 80 denier, 2 sizes each (M-L/L-LL), 1 pair.

KATE "Kate Tights".

Nuance Black

A soft black color that gives a soft impression. It does not look too heavy even in dark-toned fashion, and can be a point of reference for a cool yet relaxed coordinate.

Mauve Gray

A slightly blood-toned gray. Recommended for combination with dresses, skirt styles, and pumps. It completes a style that is calm and elegant, yet subtly feminine.

Night navy

An easy-to-use navy that can be used as a point of reference in a coordinating outfit. Pair it with casual fashion such as a sweatshirt and denim skirt for a sophisticated look. You can enjoy a playful styling by wearing it with spicy metallic shoes on your feet.