Gakken Stable "Moomin Stationery Series

Gakken Stable "Moomin Stationery Series"

Moomin Stationery Series is now available from Gakken Stable. Handled at stationery and sundry goods stores nationwide, Gakken Stayful's official online store, etc.

Moomin Stationery


This Moomin Stationery Series is based on the theme of "Gifts" in line with the holiday season. The designs use berry colors such as pink, blue, and the trendy purple. They are studded with happy Moomin Valley friends.

Roll stickers


roll sticker

is printed with five different designs, including one with a "For You" or "Thank You" message. Each contains 8 sheets, for a total of 40 pieces. The price is 660 yen (tax included, same as below).

Gakken Stable "Moomin Stationery Series


name card

comes with an envelope, making it perfect for adding a personal message. The card itself is made of paper with a gentle touch, which is a key point. Price: 275 yen.

Gakken Stable "Moomin Stationery Series

A4 file

with foil-stamped accents. The front of the file is transparent, so when you insert a piece of paper into the file, only the characters are visible. Price: 385 yen.

Gakken Stable "Moomin Stationery Series

Letter Set with Case The letter set

comes in a case, so it can be used on the go. It is also recommended to accompany gifts. Price: 550 yen.

Gakken Stable "Moomin Stationery Series

B6 Notebook

This notebook is perfect for carrying around, with its gentle cream-colored paper and printed square lines. The back of the cover is also printed. Price: 605 yen.

Gakken Stable "Moomin Stationery Series

Sticky Notes

Three sizes of

sticky notes

for different purposes. You can write messages on them or use them as book markers. Price: 528 yen.

Gakken Stable "Moomin Stationery Series

Drawstring T

ote The design features a different fabric color on the front and back. The handles can be folded away to make a drawstring bag, and the handles can be pulled out to use it as a tote bag. Price: 2,530 yen.

Gakken Stable "Moomin Stationery Series

Book Cover

Made of comfortable cotton fabric with a spindle so you don't need to carry a bookmark, this

book cover

has an illustration of Little Mii (pink) and Moomin (blue) printed on the cover's outer surface. The price is 1,760 yen.

Gakken Stable "Moomin Stationery Series

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