Mitsubishi Pencil "uni-ball one F" KAIGETSU, YUMEZUMI, YONAGI, KITANAGI

Mitsubishi Pencil "uni

-ball one F" Smoky Axis Color Mitsubishi Pencil has released a smoky axis color of "uni-ball one F" in limited quantities since November 24 (Thu.).


one F The new color is darker and smokier than the previous "uni-ball one F." The color is chic and autumn/winter-like. This chic color is typical of autumn and winter, and is designed to match a wide range of people. The name of the axis color is also more abstract than that of the conventional product, which, together with the design, has been carefully chosen to broaden the range of the user's imagination.

The overall design of the barrel has a smooth form with as few uneven parts as possible. A single metal part at the tip accentuates the simplicity and leaves a sophisticated impression.

Mitsubishi Pencil "uni-ball one F

The metal part on the nib is equipped with a "stabilizer mechanism" that creates a stable writing feel with a low center of gravity. Even light force can be used to write stably and smoothly with thick, clear black ink.


A shaft color that gives the impression of a gentle current, representing the calm sea with a slight light shining through during the day.

Mitsubishi Pencil "uni-ball one F" KAIGETSU


The fantastic axis color expresses a floating feeling as if you are dreaming of being surrounded by clouds.

Mitsubishi Pencil "uni-ball one F" Yumeyuki


An axis color expressing a scene of spending time in a small boat on a quiet lake where it has begun to rain.

Mitsubishi Pencil "uni-ball one F" Yonagi


The axis color expresses an emotional landscape where people are hard to distinguish from the darkness of twilight to night.

Mitsubishi Pencil "uni-ball one F, dusk

Product name: uniball one F
Item name: UMN-SF-38
Axis color: Kaiyuki (F Saxblue), Yumezumi (F Cherry)
Ink color: black
Ball diameter: 0.38mm
Price including tax: 330 yen per pen

Product name: uniball one F
Item name: uni-ball one F UMN-SF-05
Shaft color: night calm (F dark gray), twilight (F olive)
Ink color: black
Ball diameter: 0.5mm
Price including tax: 330 yen per piece