LOFT Best Cosmetics 2022

The "LOFT Best Cosmetics 2022

" Best Cosmetics & Next Cosmetics

"LOFT Best Cosmetics 2022" is being held from November 26 (Sat) to January 9 (Mon) at LOFT stores and LOFT online stores nationwide.

This year, the 8th edition of the contest features a lineup of 100 products, including "LOFT Best Cosmetics" selected from LOFT's best-selling products of the current term (reference period: January to July, 2022) and "LOFT Next Cosmetics," which buyers are looking out for as the next trend.

A total of 100 selected items are available in the following 9 categories.

[LOFT Best Cosmetics]
・ Hall of Fame cosmetics
・ LOFT Best Cosmetics 2022 TOP5
・ Makeup
・ Natural cosmetics
・ Skin care
・ Body care
・ Hair care

<LOFT Next Cosmetics>
・ LOFT Next Cosmetics 2022 TOP5
・ Next cosmetics (makeup, skin care, body care Hair care, Men's cosmetics, Sleep, Coffret, Esthetics, LOFTRE, Sustainable)

Here is a part of the featured lineup. Prices include tax.

LOFT Best Cosmetics 2022

[Hall of Fame Cosmetics]

VT COSMETICS Deer Daily Soothing

Mask Daily mask with 30 sheets. Sheet mask containing deer ingredients quickly moisturizes dry skin. 2,420 yen

La Roche-Posay UV Idea XL Protection Tone-Up Rose

blends well with the skin to produce a clear, blood-red complexion and the translucence of bare skin. High-performance tone-up UV with skincare ingredients. 3,960 yen

VT COSMETICS Cica Daily Soothing Mask and La Roche-Posay UV Idea XL Protection Tone-Up Rose


No.1/N organic Vie Wrinkle Pack Essence

Hypoallergenic (not all will experience irritation) and moisturizing, with a smooth texture. Can be used for the entire face, including around the eyes and mouth. 9,240 yen.

#2/&be UV Primer

Can be used as a makeup base, sunscreen, and moisturizing serum. Easy to remove with soap and warm water. 2,750 yen.


3/&be Black Sponge

Multi-use cone-shaped makeup sponge that can be used for both powder and liquid. 770 yen.


4/&be concealer 04 light beige & orange

No.5/&be concealer 05 beige & orange

A foundation-like concealer that adheres to the skin. Its creamy texture covers blemishes, dark circles, and other skin problems. Gives a natural finish without a thick feel. 3,850 yen each.

&be UV Primer, &be Black Sponge, &be Fan Sealer

LOFT Next Cosmetics 2022

No.1/Wonjonyo W Daily Mood Up Palette 01 Soft Mauve Pink

The set includes six eye colors with different textures and one cheek color. Can be combined according to mood. 2,420 yen.

Wonjongyo W Daily Mood Up Palette 01 Soft Mauve Pink

No.2/Fuse Lina Treatment

moisturizes hair and controls kinks and waviness for manageable hair. Luxurious, high-quality fragrance. 1,430 yen.

Fuse Lina Treatment

No.3/Upto Balancing Toner

Produced by Yumi Adachi. This refreshing toner uses hot spring water instead of water to moisturize and firm the skin. 2,420 yen.

UPT Balancing Toner


.4/Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Berry

Apply before bedtime to soften dead skin on lips while sleeping, leaving them smooth the next morning. 2,365 yen.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Berry

No.5/Perfect Diary Animal Eyeshadow Palette 13 Red Fox

The fine texture adheres firmly to the skin and prevents makeup from fading. Comes with a mirror and large and small tips. 3,520 yen.

Perfect Diary Animal Eyeshadow Palette 13 Red Fox


D-UP Perfect Extension Mascara for Curl Marron Gl

aze An adult color that gives a stylish look with a sophisticated color. Contains 10 kinds of eyelash-friendly beauty essence ingredients. 1,650 yen.

D-UP Perfect Extension Mascara for Curl Marron Glaze

Skin Care>

EtoVos Medicated Wrinkle Serum

Gives flexibility to the skin, leaving it supple and plump. 6,000 yen. 6,380 yen.

EtoVos Medicated Wrinkle Serum

Bioderma Sansibio H2O Eye

Point makeup remover that is gentle on the skin and removes even waterproof makeup. 1,980 yen.

Bioderma Sansibio H2O Eye

Baby Water Hand Cream

contains 77% hot spring water (moisturizing ingredient) from Iga, Mie Prefecture . 1,100 yen.

Baby Water Hand Cream

cocone Clay Cream Shampoo

A non-foaming shampoo that keeps scalp and hair healthy . Minerals from sea mud, moisturizing ingredients, and six types of oil remove dirt and sebum. 3,630 yen.

cocone Clay Cream Shampoo

Men's Cosmetics>

Ocean Trico Secret Makeup BB Cream Natural

When placed on the face, pigment capsules dissolve to cover pores and dark circles. The color blends well with the skin, making it easy to use for makeup beginners. 1,760 yen.

Ocean Trico Secret Makeup BB Cream Natural


Yol Calm Night Repair Gel Hair Mask

Prevents damage caused by friction and dryness at night by simply rubbing into hair after shampooing and rinsing. 1,540 yen.

Belmis Pajama Leggings sleep+ Bitter Gray M

Gentle yet firm compression. 6,490 yen.

Yol Calm Night Repair Gel Hair Mask, Belmis Pajama Leggings sleep+ Bitter Gray M

FERNANDA Tea Series Hand Cream Set

Hand cream like tea time to enjoy the fragrance . The set comes in three scents: Black Tea, Milk Tea, and Shine Muscat Tea. 1,760 yen.

FERNANDA Tea Series Hand Cream Set


Ludo Beauté EMS Lift Brush BK

Equipped with 12 electrode brushes (EMS) and red LED. Can be used on wet hands and hair. 12,801 yen.

Ludo Beaute EMS Lift Brush BK


Mariness Motivation Water Bott

le supervised by Marina Takewaki. Lightweight, shock resistant, heat and cold resistant. 2,750 yen.

Mariness Motivation Water Bottle


Chant a Charm Peel Care Oil

: 100% natural exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients for smooth skin. 3,080 yen.

Chant-a-Charm Peel Care Oil