3COINS 2023 Fukubukuro "HAPPY BOX

3COINS 2023 Fukubukuro "

HAPPY BOX" 3COINS will release 2023 Fukubukuro "HAPPY BOX" sequentially from January 1, 2023 (Sun.). 3COINS official mail order site "PAL CLOSET" will not sell it.



OX lineup consists of a total of seven types: "interior," "kitchen," "kids," "nail polish," and "accessories (earrings/earrings/hair accessories). Continuing from last year, they will be available in 330 yen and 550 yen box types, each containing at least four items. A wide variety of items are available, including kitchen convenience goods, toys for children to enjoy, and fashionable accessories.

The product lineup is as follows. Prices include tax. Prices include tax.

Interior goods: 550 yen (4 items)

3COINS 2023 Fukubukuro "HAPPY BOX

Kitchen sundries: 550 yen (4-pack)

3COINS 2023 Fukubukuro "HAPPY BOX

Kids' sundries: 550 yen (4-pack) * Ages 3 and up:

3COINS 2023 Fukubukuro "HAPPY BOX

Nail polish: 330 yen (12 nail polishes) * Colors are random.

3COINS 2023 Fukubukuro "HAPPY BOX

Accessories (earrings): 330 yen (5 pieces)
・ Accessories (earrings): 330 yen (5 pieces)
・ Accessories (hair accessories): 330 yen (5 pieces)

3COINS 2023 Fukubukuro "HAPPY BOX

Please check the official 3COINS website for details on stores that carry these items and the types of items available.


3COINS is a general merchandise store where you can always find something new, from basic household goods to interior goods that add color to your space, to help make you "a little happier. The store offers a wide variety of items for 300 yen, including household goods, interior goods, mobile items, and kids' items.