Disney Store New Year's Items

Disney Store New Year's Items

New Year's items of Disney characters will be available at Disney Flagship Tokyo on December 2, at shopDisney, Disney's official online store, on December 6 (some items will be available on December 2), and at Disney Store stores nationwide The Disney Store stores nationwide will start selling the products sequentially from December 9.

The collection is based on the motif of Judy Hopps, the police rabbit in "Zootopia," in honor of the year 2023's zodiac sign, the rabbit, and the Daruma doll, which celebrates the New Year.

Disney Store New Year's Items

The "Zootopia


collection is designed with the wish that, like Judy's belief in dreams, this year will be a year of leaps and bounds as she pursues her dreams. The collection features items with carrots as iconic design elements, as Judy is called "Carrots" by Nick.

Disney Store New Year's Items

The "Takasaki Daruma" featuring Judy and her partner, Nick Wilde, a fox, is a precious item handmade by craftsmen one by one. It is also noteworthy that instead of the "blessing" that is usually depicted, Nick has a necktie and Judy has a carrot.

Mickey &

Friends Daruma Collection The annual Daruma collection featuring Mickey & Friends has a gorgeous design in spring-like pastel colors. The lineup includes a kadomatsu, shimekari decorations, kagamimochi (mirror-shaped rice cakes), and a pot-bag set, all of which are unique to the New Year's season.

Disney Store New Year's Items

A plush doll of a Daruma doll the size of a rice ball makes its first appearance. Just by decorating your room, it will brighten up the New Year's atmosphere.

Pooh in Rabbit Costume

Pooh and his friends in white and beige rabbit costumes appear from the series of Pooh plush toys dressed in the costumes of the Chinese zodiac. They look cute holding a carrot, and their fluffy rabbit-inspired material and long ears are a must-have.

Plush Pooh in Rabbit Costume
(C)Disney. Based on the “Winnie the Pooh” works by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard.

The plush keychain has a charming design with the characters in a slightly tilted pose that tickles the heart.

Disney Flagship Tokyo and Shop Disney are selling a limited number of plush toys and plush keychains of Pooh dressed in a pink rabbit costume.

Priced at ¥2,640 for the plush S size [Pooh] and ¥2,640 each for the plush [Tigger], [Roo], [Piglet], and [Eeyore].

Tsum Tsum plush to

ys come in eight types: Mickey & Friends, Pooh & Piglet, and Mickey & Friends in their charming rabbit costumes with red eyes and three-dimensional noses. When all the plushies are lined up, they look like red and white buns, giving off a festive mood. The New Year's icon embroidery on the plush toys is also noteworthy. Each is priced at 990 yen.

Tsum Tsum Plushie
(C)Disney (C)Disney. Based on the “Winnie the Pooh” works by A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard.

Costumes for "nuiMOs" and "UniBEARsity"

Special costumes for "


" and "UniBEARsity," the original Disney Store characters, are also available in the Year of the Rabbit theme. Each comes in two colors, pink and white. They feature fluffy bunny-like material, Japanese-style plum flower decorations, and red braided ribbons. Each costume is priced at 2,640 yen.

Costumes exclusively for "nuiMOs" and "UniBEARsity

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