Biolith Miffy Design Vol. 2 "Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Set


Miffy Design Shampoo and Hair Cond

itioner Set The botanical hair care brand "Biolis" will release its second limited edition "Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Set" featuring the popular picture book character "Miffy" on January 10, 2012. The set will be available at mass merchandisers and drugstores nationwide. It will be available in limited quantities mainly at mass merchandisers and drugstores nationwide.

SS Biolis Botanical Limited Design Pair Set

The first collaboration between Miffy (Usako-chan) and Biolis in November 2021, the limited package was very popular. This second collaboration is designed with a large Miffy on the front of the package so that the warmth of the hand-painted design will leave a lasting impression on many more people. The fragrance of the shampoo and hair conditioner is expressed in the apples and flowers that decorate the exterior.

Biolith Miffy Design Vol. 2 "Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Set

Two limited edition packages are available: "Deep Moist," which makes dry hair moist and supple, and "Smooth & Sleek," which makes dry and tangled hair smooth and silky. The shampoo and hair conditioner will not be sold individually.

Botanical Shampoo

Shampoo that protects hair from damage by providing moisture to the ends of the hair with a moisture pack effect. It uses plant-derived taurine-based (sodium cocoyl methyl taurine) and amino acid-based (sodium cocoyl glutamate TEA) cleaning ingredients, and is gentle to use, free of silicones and sulfates (sodium laureth sulfate and other sulfate surfactants).

Botanical Conditioner

: Color care formula to protect hair from coloring damage. It has anti-static properties and humidity resistance to suppress hair waviness and disorder caused by humidity.

Both shampoo and conditioner use seven natural fragrances. The shampoo is scented with Fresh & Peony, while the conditioner is scented with Green Apple & Geranium. You can enjoy the layering of fragrances.

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