LDK the Beauty" February issue

LDK the

Beauty" February Issue

The February issue of the cosmetics magazine "LDK the Beauty" was released by Shinyusha on December 21. The magazine features a comprehensive article on "Complete Control of Zero Pore Skin" and a lot of other information to make your beauty come true.


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"LDK the Beauty" features the best items that LDK the Beauty has discovered through serious verification, as well as the correct care taught by professionals. Here are some of the best-buy products.

LDK the Beauty" February issue

CELASEEQ Double Deep Serum C.

Won first place in the pore care serum category. After about a month of use, the pore counts of all monitors were reduced dramatically. In addition to vitamin C, it contains moisturizing ingredients such as four types of ceramides and hyaluronic acid, as well as glycyrrhizic acid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Its fresh texture makes it very comfortable to use. Purchase price is 6,980 yen/30g (1.06oz).

CELASEEQ Double Deep Serum C

Ampoule Shot Moisturizing Skin Treatment L

otion Won 1st place in the Vitamin C lotion category. Dantotsu moisturizing power among 7 products tested. Contains vitamin C-specific ingredients, as well as moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide and hyaluronic acid. It was also highly rated for its non-greasy feel. Purchase price is 1,320 yen/300 ml.

Ampoule Shot Moisturizing Skin Treatment Lotion

Complete Eyebrow Strategy MAP

Eyebrows are an important part of the face that determines the impression, yet many people draw them without thinking, or choose the wrong items or drawing method. We have examined eyebrow powder, mascara, and pencil recommendations for each eyebrow type.

LDK the Beauty" February issue

Love Liner Signature Fit Powder Nutty Brown

won first place in the eyebrow powder category. The three versatile colors have a slight translucent finish. The brush that comes with the product is also highly rated for its good fit and ability to be applied at the targeted position. The beige color can be applied to the top of the brow for a more sculpted look. Price: 1,650 yen.

Love Liner Signature Fit Powder Natty Brown

We collected more than 50


items, from home appliances to miscellaneous goods, and investigated their capabilities.

LDK the Beauty" February issue

Vinasis Minus Ion Curl Iron VAC-8032E

Winner of 1st place in the curling iron category. Curl without blocking well and still get a neat finish. Achieves a wavy finish all over and keeps curls in place even over time. Recommended for those who like tight curls and those who style their hair wet. The actual price is 7,700 yen.

Vinasis Negative Ion Curl Iron VAC-8032E

50 face creams

+ α ABC judgment

50 face creams, from new products to items that have been launched in Japan for the first time, were collected and examined by price range. We searched for a midwinter savior to prevent cracked skin.

LDK the Beauty" February issue

Mediheal Milk Brightening Cream

U3000 yen Winner of first place in the face cream category, this product is rich in moisturizing ingredients such as three types of ceramide, and also contains niacinamide, which is effective in wrinkle care and whitening. It is light and smooth to apply, and is recommended for those who do not like the feeling of a film on their skin. It can be used for multiple purposes, from dryness care to anti-aging skin. Purchase price is 2,750 yen/60ml (2.03us fl oz).

Mediheal Milk Brightening Cream

In addition to the above, the magazine also includes "Beauty Magazine's Best Cosmetics Dry Critique for the Second Half of 2022," which is an honest test of the products' abilities without any discovery, and "The Tricks and Items to Keep Skin Moist and Dry Inside and Out," which reveals the real tips and items to keep skin moist and dry inside and out.