Shofuku U decoration Kagamimochi (rice cake with a rabbit shape)

LOFT 2023


"LOFT 2023 NEW YEAR" is being held at LOFT and LOFT net store nationwide until January 7, 2023 (Sat.). The lineup includes New Year's accessories, New Year's greeting cards, and potty bags to start the New Year with a splash of color.


An example of the lineup is shown below. The products and the scale of the event may vary depending on the store.

This ceramic tabletop decoration features a stack of white and pink bunnies that look like Kagamimochi (mirror-shaped rice cakes)


Each piece is independent and can be rearranged. 1,980 yen (tax included, same as below).

Shofuku U decoration Kagamimochi (rice cake with a rabbit shape)

Happiness Rabbit No. 1

, with a swinging head like an akabeko (red and white). Available in red and white. 1,430 yen.

Pivot swinging Happiness Rabbit No. 1

Nishikisai Shofuku Jyuju Zodiac Signs Tandori (Twelve Zodiac Signs in a Row

): Hina-dan type decoration with the twelve Chinese zodiac signs lined up in a row. The arrangement can be changed and displayed year after year. 5,500 yen.

Nishikisai Shofuku Jyuju Dan-dori (Twelve Zodiac Signs)

Celebratory chopstick set

: A set of 5 pairs of chopsticks decorated with motifs of the Chinese zodiac and lucky charms. Each creator's individuality is reflected in the design. The creators are Aki ishibashi, Kawabe Shion, Nao Sakamoto, Shunsuke Satake, and Miyuki Matsuo (in alphabetical order). 770 yen each.

Loft Limited] Celebratory chopsticks set
Aki ishibashi

Loft Limited] Celebratory chopsticks set
(From left to right) Kawabe Shion, Nao Sakamoto

Loft Limited] Celebratory chopsticks set
Shunsuke Satake/(C) Shunsuke Satake

Loft Limited] Celebratory chopsticks set
Miyuki Matsuo

Kutaniyaki Mame-dara (

lucky plates

) A series of Kutaniyaki plates depicting auspicious and auspicious patterns and designs from ancient Japan. 1,100 yen each.

Kutani Yaki bean dish series

Kagamimochi that doubles as a bowl

A unique set of mirror-shaped mochi that can be turned upside down to become a bowl and chopstick rest. 4,730 yen.

Loft "Kagamimochi that becomes a vessel

Loft "Kagamimochi that becomes a vessel

Herbarium New Year's Card

A framed herbarium card with an image of the New Year. Hanging it up can be used as a New Year's decoration. 660 yen.

Herbarium New Year's card

Loft Limited] Origami Pochibukuro

Handmade Pochibukuro Kit: 6 sheets of Mino Japanese paper (3 patterns x 2 sheets each), paper pattern and stickers for making Pochibukuro. 352 yen.

Loft Limited] Origami Pochi Bags

Paper Puzzle

Pochibukuro P

ochibukuro. 2-pack of 2 paper pouch with characters cut out along the perforated lines. 440 yen.

Loft "Paper Zumo Pochibukuro