KAI "Nyammy" warm gray color


"Nyammy" Warm Gray Color

KAI has added a new "warm gray color" to its popular cat-themed kitchenware series "Nyammy" with a gentle spring-like hue. It is available at mass merchandisers and department stores nationwide, as well as on the official Kaijirushi online store.

Nyammy N

yammy is popular as an easy-to-use product with a focus on functionality, leveraging Kaijirushi's know-how as a kitchenware manufacturer.

A soft "warm gray color" has been added as a new color to meet the demand for new life in early spring. It has a warm and calm atmosphere.

KAI "Nyammy" warm gray color

Nyammy Cat Peeler

with Covered Cat Ears

(Warm Gray

) The cat ears are covered for safe storage. When the cover is attached, it takes the shape of a cute cat. The back side is grated cat shape. The price is 1,045 yen (tax included).

Nyammy Cat peeler with cover (warm gray)

Nyammy Cat kitchen scissors with case (warm gray)

. The scissors can be put in the case with a magnet to make it look like a cat is sitting on it. It can also be attached to the refrigerator as it is. The price is 2,420 yen (tax included).

Nyammy Cat kitchen scissors with case (warm gray)

Nyammy Cat Slicer (warm gray)

Slicing, grating, and decorating can be done with a single device. The slicer part has a double-edged blade for speedy slicing. The grating hole is shaped like a cat's face when viewed from the back. The decorative slicer can be used to cut food into cat ear motifs. Price: 847 yen (tax included).

Nyammy Cat slicer (warm gray)

Nyammy Neko no Yawaraka Cutting Board (Warm Gray)

This is a sheet cutting board made of elastomer material that is gentle to the blade of a kitchen knife. It has footprints in 1cm increments that can be used as a guide when cutting food. Matching design with knives and fruit knives of the same series. Price: 1,210 yen (tax included).

Nyammy Cat soft cutting board (warm gray)

Nyammy Neko no Kitchen Knife (Santoku 165mm) (Warm Gray

) A 165mm santoku kitchen knife with a sharp blade that only a cutlery maker can produce. The cat's footprints are in 1cm increments, so you can use them as a guide when cutting food. The coated blade is easy to clean. The price is 2,640 yen (tax included).

Nyammy Cat's knife (Santoku 165mm) (warm gray)

Nyammy Cat Shovel (warm gray

) Shovel with a motif of a cat's paw pads. The embossed finish prevents food from sticking to the handle. Price: 484 yen (tax included).

Nyammy Cat Shovel (warm gray)

Nyammy Neko Measuring Sp

oon (Warm Gray) Measuring spoon with a set of tablespoon and teaspoon. There is a marker line on the inside of the measuring section to measure 1/2. The front paw serves as a clip function and can be used to temporarily fasten small bags of instant coffee, seasonings, etc. Price: 605 yen (tax included).

Nyammy Cat Measuring Spoon (warm gray)

Nyammy N


no Stir-Fry

Pot 24cm (warm gray)

Nyammy Neko no Fry Pan 20cm (warm gray

) The handle part is based on the figure of a sitting cat. The paw part is non-slip for a firm grip. The outer surface is painted in warm gray. The price is 2,420 yen for the 24cm size and 1,980 yen for the 20cm size (tax included).

Nyammy Cat stir-fry pan 24cm (warm gray) and Nyammy Cat frying pan 20cm (warm gray)