Nitori "Curtain Collection Campaign

Nitori "

Curtain Collection Campaign" A "Curtain Collection Campaign" will be held at Nitori, Nitori EXPRESS, Shimachu, Shimachu Homes and Nitori Homes stores nationwide from January 14 (Sat) to February 26 (Sun). This campaign will not be held at Decohome.


Collection Campaign

Curtains that are no longer needed in the home are collected free of charge at stores nationwide, regardless of the retailer, and reused (reused) as products and fabrics overseas. These curtains are then reused overseas as products and fabrics, and recycled in Japan as automobile insulation and other resources.

Nitori "Curtain Collection Campaign

Both drape curtains and lace curtains can be used.
Please remove curtain hooks in advance.
Blinds, roll screens, curtain rails, etc. are excluded.

This is the third nationwide curtain collection effort. A total of approximately 380 tons of curtains have been collected to date, with a total of 105,600 people participating nationwide. Almost all the curtains have been reused and recycled.

Some of the curtains collected in the second campaign (conducted from August 8 to September 18, 2022) were turned into "felt" instead of "warp (textile products made into cotton by breaking up the weave with a special needle-shaped tool to make it fluffier)" as materials for automobile insulation. In addition, collected curtains were provided as textile materials to the event "Our SDGs: Toward Recycling Textile Products" (hosted by En-Wee-Chru) held in Osaka Prefecture this September, where students upcycled them into skirts.

Nitori "Curtain Collection Campaign

During the period, if you bring your curtains to the store, you will receive Nitori points within 3 weeks of the procedure. The point gift is limited to one time. Curtains can be brought in as many times as needed.

Those who cooperate with the curtain collection campaign and meet the following conditions during the applicable period (December 5 to February 26) will receive additional Nitori points.

・ 300 points will be given to those who purchase curtains of 7,000 yen or more including tax * Target: Nitori, Nitori EXPRESS, Shimachu, Shimachu Homes, Nitori Homes, Nitori Net, Shimaho Net
・ 200 points will be given to those who newly register as members of Nitori Appli

Nitori "Curtain Collection Campaign

Purchase points and Nitori Appli new member enrollment points will be awarded by the end of March after the campaign ends.