LUSH "Valentine Collection


"Valentine Collection" and "Massage Bars"

Eighteen items from the "Valentine Collection" and thirteen items from the "Massage Bars," which are available year-round as standard products, have been on sale since January 4 at 76 LUSH stores nationwide and at the official LUSH online store.



The 2023 Valentine Collection lineup includes 18 items to enhance the romantic mood of bath time. From head to toe, you will be enveloped in the pleasant fragrance of fragrant essential oils.

Berry Crumble

A real strawberry that tones and glows the skin, and a bubble bar (bubble bath bath bath additive) with fair trade organic cocoa butter that keeps the skin hydrated and soft to the touch. Cacao butter sandwiched between the bubble bar helps smooth the skin to the touch. 1,160 yen (tax included, same as below)/135g (4.76oz).

LUSH "Valentine Collection

Love Island Bath

Melt: A bath melt that leaves a sweet, floral scent while softening the skin. The bath melts slowly dissolve in the bathtub for a luxurious bath time experience. Fair trade organic cocoa butter softens and guides the skin. 900 yen/100g (3.53oz).

LUSH "Valentine Collection

Valentine Bombshell

A bath bomb with dried flowers inside a huge bombshell. When dissolved in hot water, the sweet, gorgeous rose scent of rose, geranium, and lemon, pink blanket-like bubbles, and flowers overflow from inside the bath bomb and decorate the surface of the water. Limited to the official online store. 1,950 yen.

LUSH "Valentine Collection

Lots of Love Gift

A gift set of eight items, five bath items and three skincare items. 8,700 yen.

LUSH "Valentine Collection

Massage Bar

Solid massage oil rich in fair trade cocoa butter. Apply directly to the palm of the hand or the area to be massaged and let it melt at body temperature.

Romance of Truth Mass

age Bar A massage bar with a gentle harmony of floral oils. Jasmine and rose scents relieve tension, while the neroli fragrance energizes. 1,800 yen.

LUSH "Romance of Truth Massage Bar



Touch Massage Bar

As the name "Power of Touch" suggests, the starting point of massage is "touch. Neroli, orange flower, and bergamot create a floral, gentle, and uplifting scent with every touch. 1,800 yen.

LUSH "Power of Touch Massage Bar