Kneipp "Message Series


"Message Series"

German-born herbal brand Kneipp will launch the "Message Series" on January 17 (Tue.) in limited quantities to deliver thoughts along with spring fragrances. The lineup includes three types of bath salts and one type of hand cream.



New to the lineup this season is the "Sparkling Tablet" bath salt containing sodium bicarbonate in a "sakura" scent. Both the "Sakura Scent" and "Violet Scent" bath salts have a space to write a message, making them one-of-a-kind gifts that can be given to loved ones with a thoughtful message.

Kneipp Sparkling Tablet Cherry Fra

grance A carbonated bath salt containing sodium bicarbonate. The fine carbonated bubbles and lovely cherry blossom scent will envelop you. The combination of cherry blossom extract and organic argan oil, which is a highly moisturizing oil, provides skin moisturizing care while bathing.

Kneipp Sparkling Tablet Cherry Scent

With the message "Now and forever", 50g (1.76oz) (1 tablet) 308 yen (tax included) / 50g (1.76oz) x 6 tablets 1,540 yen (tax included).

Kneipp Bath Salt Cherry Fragrance

Mineral-rich natural rock salt bath salt refined from ancient seawater 250 million years ago. The water is a gentle cherry color and has a tantalizing cherry scent. Containing mountain cherry blossom extract from cherry blossoms, it leads to fresh skin.

Kneipp Bath Salt Cherry Scent

The product comes with a message space where you can write a message. 850 g, 2,640 yen (tax included).

Kneipp Bath Salt Violet Fragrance

: Mineral-rich natural rock salt refined from ancient seawater 250 million years ago. The water is a spring yellow color with a sweet, fresh scent of violets. Contains natural plant ingredients extracted from violets.

Kneipp Bath Salt, Violet Fragrance

With a message space for a personal message. 850g (29.98oz), 2,640 yen (tax included).

Kneipp Hand Cream with Cherry Fragrance

Moisturizing yet non-greasy hand cream. It can be used immediately after use on PCs and smartphones, and can be applied over and over again when dryness becomes a concern. Contains mountain cherry blossom extract extracted from cherry blossoms and natural beauty ingredients (almond oil). A heart-fluttering cherry blossom fragrance.

Kneipp Hand Cream Cherry Scent

Cute packaging that reminds you of the coming of spring. 20mL 330 yen (tax included) / 75mL 825 yen (tax included).