Paradoo "Lip Care Scrub" and "Sakura Veil Lip (Cherry Blossom Prayed)


"Lip Care Scrub" and "Sakura Ve

il Lip (Cherry Blossom Prayed For)


Paradoo has released a limited time "Lip Care Scrub" and a limited quantity of "Sakura Veil Lip (Cherry Blossom Prayed For)". They are available at Seven-Eleven stores from January 18 (Wed.) (except for some stores).

Paradoo "Lip Care Scrub"

Lips with a pure white sugar scrub agent that takes care of dead skin cells and leaves lips smooth and translucent. The formula contains about 85% moisturizing ingredients and has excellent adhesion to the lips for long-lasting moisture. The moisturizing ingredients work together with the make-up effect to help lips look fuller without vertical wrinkles.

Paradoo "Lip Care Scrub

Contains warm and cool ingredients. When applied to the lips, it gives a warm and cool sensation. Fragrance-free.

Gentle touch, apply to lips in a circular motion. No need to rinse it off. Although it has a pale pink appearance, it can be used before going to bed at night because it hardly gets any color even if you put it on your lips.

Paradoo "Lip Care Scrub

Misogibarai purification prayer" was held on November 2, 2022 at Sakura Jingu, an ancient Shinto shrine in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, which is famous as a purification spot. The product is designed not only to take care of dead skin cells, but also to purify the person who holds it in his or her hand and ward off evil spirits.

Paradoo "Lip Care Scrub" purified at Sakura Jingu Shrine

The product is priced at 990 yen (tax included) and will be available until mid-June 2023.

Paradoo "Sakura Veil Lip (Cherry Blossom Prayer)"

The amount of pigment, which causes color migration, has been reduced to 1/190th of that in regular lipsticks (compared to Paradoo lipsticks). The formula reacts to the moisture in the lips to produce a subtle color, making it comfortable to use even when wearing a mask without worrying about color transfer. Adds natural blood color to the lips for a subtle cherry blossom color.

Paradoo "Sakura Veil Lip (Cherry Blossom Prayed)

Contains moisturizing cherry blossom (Someiyoshino) extract and beauty essence ingredients. Prevents roughness and dryness of the lips. Quick application without a mirror makes it easy to reapply makeup. Fragrance-free.

Paradoo "Sakura Veil Lip (Cherry Blossom Prayed)

The bottom of the container is marked "Happiness Cherry Blossom. You will be able to see which of the four types of "Happiness Cherry Blossom" marks you will find when you open the package. Among them, the "cherry blossom of great fulfillment" is a rare seal that is hard to find.

Paradoo "Sakura Veil Lip (Cherry Blossom Prayed)

On November 2, 2022, a "cherry blossom prayer" will be held at the Sakura Jingu Shrine, an ancient Shinto shrine in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, a famous cherry blossom viewing spot and power spot. The "Sakura Prayer" is a wish to bring good luck to the person who holds it in his or her hand.

Paradoo "Sakura Veil Lip (Cherry Blossom Prayer Prayed for)", which was prayed for at Sakura Jingu Shrine.

The price is 770 yen (tax included). Sales will end as soon as they run out.