Cezanne Pearl Glow Nuancer

Sezanne Pearl Glow Nuancer

Sezanne Cosmetics' Pearl Glow series will release the multifunctional highlighter "Sezanne Pearl Glow Nuancer" in two colors in early February. The price is 660 yen (tax included).

Pearl Gl

ow Nuancer A nuanced highlighter that fascinates by layering light and color. By adding a hint of color to the highlight, it brings a three-dimensional effect, a sense of blood color and transparency, and can be used as a highlight, blush or eyeshadow in multiple ways. It is easy to use in daily makeup and can be added to your existing makeup for fun.

Contains plenty of high-intensity pearls. The color and light that changes depending on the angle creates fresh nuances and gives the skin a luminous surface. Fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free, and surfactant-free. Comes with a brush.

Add to C-zone, goddess spot, etc. for a three-dimensional effect. When applied high on the cheekbones, it makes the skin look lifted and lively. Even without blush, the subtle coloring gives a natural finish.

Cezanne Pearl Glow Nuancer

You can also change the nuance by layering it with blush or eye shadow. It will add a new mood to your regular makeup.

N1 Coral Shower

Coral orange with gold, red, and blue polarized pearls. The large pearls shimmer and glitter to create a euphoric impression. Layer it over blush to add fresh brightness.

Cezanne Pearl Glow Nuancer

N2 Lilac Mude

Contains purple polarized pearls. Delicate pearls glisten on the surface to create a fragile transparency. Layer it on top of a yeb color blush to add a transparent, elegant sweetness.

Cezanne Pearl Glow Nuancer