Mitsubishi Pencil "Style Fit Bouquet Color




Style Fit Bouquet Color" Mitsubishi Pencil will release "Style Fit Bouquet Color" on Tuesday, January 24. The lineup includes a 4-color holder and a Meister 5-color holder.

Style Fit Bouquet


expresses a graceful bouquet with matte coloring and low saturation. The design is easy to match with any fashion. The lineup will be expanded with the addition of new subdued colors that blend in with everyday life.

Style Fit 4-color holder

The coloring is reminiscent of dried flowers. It evokes an antique look.

Mitsubishi Pencil "Style Fit Bouquet Color 4 Color Holder

Item name: UE4H-227
Shaft color: Eucalyptus (green), pampas grass (glaze), cassia (ivory)
Reference price: 242 yen per piece (tax included)

Style Fit Meister 5-color holder

Coloring reminiscent of fresh flowers. It evokes the fresh vividness and soft texture of flower petals. The simple one-tone coloring is accented with a gold clip, giving the design a higher quality feel than existing products.

Mitsubishi Pencil "Style Fit Meister 5 Color Holder

Item name: UE5H-708
Shaft color: Hydrangea (green), Dahlia (navy), Lily (ivory), Old Rose (soft pink), Dandelion (yellow), Sweet Pea (violet)
* Limited quantities only for Dandelion and Sweet Pea
Reference price: 770 yen per bottle (including tax)

Style Fit

"Refill The product concept is "Selectable refills" × "Selectable holders. By combining a refill, from which you can choose a gel ink ballpoint pen, oil-based ballpoint pen, or mechanical pencil, with a holder from which you can choose 3-, 4-, or 5-color functions, you can create your own pen with the functions and design of your choice.