Mitsubishi Pencil twinu "All in one BOX".

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twinu "

All-in-one BOX


From January 25 (Wed.), Mitsubishi Pencil is offering the "All-in-one BOX" from its new "twinu" series, which crosses the stationery category, to provide a complete set of writing materials necessary for studying. Each set is also sold individually.


twinu is a line of stationery products designed under the concept of "Keep your love alive. twinu is a new series across the stationery category, planned based on the concept of "love and persist. Instead of choosing one item for each type of stationery, customers can choose a set of products with a unified theme to organize the contents of their pen case in their own way.

Mitsubishi Pencil twinu "All in one BOX".

The theme of the set is "Emo Pop," a fusion of trendy and retro. The set unifies the world view by combining "emo" colors that resonate with the sensibilities of young people, such as the trendy dull colors, with popular "pop" colors. The coloring is unique, yet easy to incorporate into everyday life.


set includes a mechanical pencil, a ballpoint pen, and a mechanical pencil refill. The mechanical pencil is a new color of KURToga, "Kiwi! The pencil's lead turns and toggles continuously as you write, allowing you to continue writing thin letters all the time and keeping your notebook neat and tidy.

Mitsubishi Pencil twinu "All in one BOX".

The ballpoint pen is the black Uni Ball One, a gel ink ballpoint pen with proven memorable effects. Baked apple and orange cocktail, which were released in limited quantities in the past, are also used. Letters written in Orange Cocktail can be hidden with a red sheet.



Model Kurtoga Standard Model, a mechanical pencil with a spinning tip, is now available in three new colors in limited quantities to match the "emo-pop" theme of the first "twinu" series. The new colors are brightly colored to match the coloring of the barrel and the color of the eraser cover on the nock, and are named to match the color of the barrel to express the world view of the product.

Mitsubishi Pencil "Kultoga Standard Model

Product Overview
Product name: All-in-one BOX (limited quantity)
Item name: T-1010
Contents: Kultuga Standard Model Kiwi!/0.3mm
uni-ball one Black, Baked apple, Orange cocktail/0.38mm
Sharpie refills uni HB/0.3mm

Price including tax: 1,111 yen

Product name: Kurutoga Standard model (limited quantity)
Item name: M3-450 1P
Pencil lead diameter: 0.3mm
Shaft color: Kiwi!
Product name: uni-ball one (limited quantity) Product name: UMN-S-38
Ink colors: black (existing), baked apple (limited quantity), orange cocktail (limited quantity)
Ball diameter: 0.38mm
Tax incl. price: 132 yen per piece

Product name: mechanical lead uni 0.3mm (existing)
Product name: UL-S-0.3-25
Lead diameter: 0.3mm
Hardness: HB
Price including tax: 220 yen