KOKUYO "Correction Tape for Campus Notebooks" Limited Edition Pattern "Colorful Mist

Kokuyo "

Correction Tape for

Campus Notebooks" Limited Pattern "Colorful M

ist" Kokuyo's "Correction Tape for Campus Notebooks" will release "Colorful Mist", a limited edition pattern arranged in vivid gradation, on February 8 (Wednesday) in limited quantities. The estimated price is 230 yen (excluding tax).

Correction tape for Campus


"Correction tape for Campus Notebooks" is a correction tape that matches the color of the inside paper and the width of the ruled lines of Campus Notebooks. It is useful for making clean notebooks because the corrected part is inconspicuous. A metal plate is used at the tip of the tape to ensure both tape fixation and a good cut.

Kokuyo "Correction Tape for Campus Notebooks"
(Top) Conventional product (Bottom) Correction tape for Campus Notebook

Immediately after its launch in November 2021, a Twitter post introducing the product received more than 240,000 "likes," and in the "Stationery General Election 2022" sponsored by GetNavi (One Publishing) in May 2022, the product won first place in the trending category: "Kids' Learning Goes Ahead. The product received a great response, winning first place in the "Trend Category: Kids' Learning is Effortless" category.

Users commented, "It's the same color as the notebook, so it doesn't stand out, very satisfying! The metal plate is sharp and easy to use," and "I would like to repeat my purchase. In December 2022, a refill type, which can be used repeatedly by replacing the refill, was released in response to the positive response.

The limited edition

"Colorful Mist"

pattern is designed to be more fun to use by matching it with other Campus notebooks and stationery on hand or by using it as an accent. While retaining the seriousness of learning, it also incorporates a trendy, cute and vivid gradation.

KOKUYO "Correction Tape for Campus Notebooks" Limited Edition Pattern "Colorful Mist

Available in pink, mint, and purple, the three colors are for A-ruled and B-ruled notebooks, respectively.

Kokuyo "Correction Tape for Campus Notebooks"