Nitori "bag hanger for carabo" and "plate to which a magnet can be attached for carabo

Nitori "Bag Hanger for COLOBO" and "Plate to which Magnet for COLOBO

can be Attached" Bag Hanger for COLOBO" and "Plate to which Magnet for COLOBO can be Attached" have been on sale at some Nitori stores and on Nitori net since early February.

Bag Hanger and Magnet Plate for


In response to customer requests for effective use of the sides of color boxes, Nitori has developed a bag hanger and magnet plate that can be attached to Nitori's popular "COLOBO" series color boxes. Frequently used bags, backpacks, children's school bags, and other bags that are difficult to place can be easily stored by hanging them on the bag hanger.

Nitori "Bag Hanger for Carabo

The magnetic plate can be used in various ways. By attaching frequently used small items or room accents with magnets, you can effectively use the space next to the color box in a convenient and fashionable way. It is easy to install as it uses the screw holes of the color box.

Nitori "Plate to which a magnet for carabo can be attached"

Bag hanger

for Calabo Size: 26 (width) x 6 (depth) x 5 cm (height)
Color: Black, White
Price: 999 yen (tax included)
* The position of the bag hanger is fixed.

Plate to which magnets for COLABO can be attached ¥799

Size: 26 (width) x 29 cm (depth)
Color: Black, White
Price: ¥799 (incl. tax)
* The position of the plate is fixed.

Nitori's color box "COLOBO" series

Movable shelf plates that can be repositioned have a shelf support structure that prevents them from falling off. The top and bottom plates of the fixed shelf plate can be freely repositioned (the shelf plate must be attached).

Nitori's COLOBO series of color boxes

Can be used either vertically or horizontally. When placing horizontally, fix the shelves with screws and spread a rug or the like to prevent scratches on the floor.