Hands "Stationery Festival 2023"

Hands "Stationery Festival 2023"

The "Stationery Festival 2023" will be held at Hands stores and online stores starting Wednesday, February 15.

Stationery Festival


The Stationery Festival is a festival held every year at Hands to enjoy stationery to the fullest. This year's theme is "Love Stationery More." The theme for this year is "Love Stationery More. There will be many events such as buyer-selected recommended items, limited collaboration items only for the Stationery Festival, special in-store corners, workshops, and more.


Festival" Special Corner

: Hands' stationery buyers have selected items and collected new products and limited edition items. There are a variety of items that are sure to get you hooked on the stationery swamp. The period is from February 15 (Wed.) to April 2 (Sun.).

Hands "Stationery Festival 2023"

Illustrated stationery items by popular picture book author Yoshitake


will be on display at Hands again this year. The stationery from the picture books "Akira will open the door for you," "Oshikko Chotto Moretaro," and "Natsumi wa Nanani Naderu Neru" will be collected for immediate use. The exhibition runs from February 15 (Wed) to April 2 (Sun).

Hands "Stationery Festival 2023"

Local Bread

Stationery" Special Corner

"Local Bread" with its unique name and retro packaging is very attractive. A long-awaited new product from the popular collaborative stationery series will be available. The period is from February 11 (Sat., holiday) to April 2 (Sun.).

Hands "Stationery Festival 2023"

nofes" special corner

"More like me! New products from "nofes," a popular brand with cute and practical designs with a playful spirit, will be available in a lineup of gorgeous colors, including ID cases and passcases, which you will want to replace for spring. The period is from February 11 (Sat., holiday) to April 21 (Fri.).

Hands "Stationery Festival 2023"

In addition, there will be a "Stationery Store Award" special corner and workshops where visitors can see and touch stationery for real.