Esthe "Deodorant Power Premium Aroma Stick for Entrance and Living Room





Premium Aroma Stick for Entrance and Living Room

" will be released on February 27. Sweet Orange & Bergamot", "Lemongrass & Verbena", and "Lily & Jasmine" will be released on February 27, 2012. Refills will be available at the same time.



Stick for Entrances and Living Rooms

Deodorizing air freshener with the theme of "Clear Luxurious Aroma" that spreads the fresh fragrance of plant essential oils in your space. The stick type deodorizing air freshener is a water-based formula containing essential plant oils and has a strong fragrance.

The strength of the fragrance can be adjusted according to the number of sticks used. 6 sticks will last for about 1 to 2 months.

The aroma liquid and sticks are refillable, so you can enjoy a new fragrance with the separately sold "refill" type.

The package design expresses the image of sunlight filtering through the trees and the depth of nature. The product tray inside the packaging has been changed to 100% recycled PET for the main body, and the amount of waste has been reduced for the refill. Each of these products is labeled with the "eco for everyone" mark in order to meet Estee's own environmentally friendly standards.

Esthe "eco together" mark

Product name: Deodorizing Power Premium Aroma Stick for Entrance and Living Room
Estimated price: Main body: around 525 yen / Refill: around 415 yen (tax included)
Launch date: February 27, 2023
Route: Supermarkets, drug stores, home centers, etc. nationwide
Scent: Sweet orange & bergamot / Lemongrass & verbena Lemongrass & Verbena / Lily & Jasmine
Content: Body 65mL / Refill 65mL
Ingredients: Fragrance, solvent, water