Premium Lulurun Cherry Blossom (Sakura scent)



Cherry Blossom (Sakura Fragrance) from Lulurun, a face mask brand. Available sequentially at the official Lulurun online store, some variety stores, and some souvenir shops.

Spring Limited Face M

ask The face mask that sells out every year is available again this year in limited quantities. This special Lulurun is made with precious spring ingredients and boasts of its moisturizing power. The power of spring flowers helps combat rough skin and leads to beautiful, moisturized skin with a gentle cherry blossom fragrance.

Premium Lulurun Cherry Blossom (Sakura scent)

Contains cherry blossom extract, a moisturizing ingredient. Known as "satozakura" because it is planted where people live, this flowering tree tells the story of the spring season. The extract from its petals provides skin that can withstand the fluctuations of spring.

Premium Lururun Cherry Blossom (Sakura Fragrance) Satozakura

Oil is extracted from the seeds of rape blossoms, which are also used for food. It softens and relaxes the skin, delivers moisture, and gives the skin a radiant glow from within.

Premium Lururun Cherry Blossom (Sakura Fragrance) Rape Blossom

Butterbur dandelion flower extract is also included as a skin conditioning ingredient. Butterbur dandelion has long been used around the world as a Japanese herb because of its strong vitality that withstands the cold and blooms in the spring. It conditions the skin and brings about a healthy texture.

Premium Lurun Cherry Blossom (Cherry Blossom Fragrance) Butterbur Dandelion

Contents: 5 bags of 7 sheets each. Price: 1,760 yen (tax included).