Post Office "Moomin Goods

Post Office "M

ooming Goods" Mooming Goods will go on sale at approximately 4,000 post offices and post office online stores nationwide on Friday, February 24, 2012. At post offices' online stores, they will go on sale at 0:15 a.m. on the same day.

Moomin Tote Bag

A beige tote bag with Moomin embroidered on the front pocket. On the upper right corner of the surface is a woven gnoronoro.

Post Office "Moomin Goods

Priced at 1,760 yen (tax included, same as below). The size is approximately W300 x H210 x D100mm, and the handles stand up at approximately 100mm.

Moomin Bag-in-Pouch

A pouch made of soft young grass-colored fabric. It has three pockets on the front and one on the back for storing small items. The front has a design of Snufkin and Little Mii sitting on it, and the inside has a design with characters scattered around.

Post Office "Moomin Goods

Price: 1,380 yen. Size is approximately W190 x H130 x D50 mm.

Moomin Envelope-Shaped Mini

Case A fashionable mini case with green stitching on the back side in a subtle color. It is the perfect size to hold lip balm, earphones, and other small items.

Post Office "Moomin Goods

Price: 880 yen. Size: approx. W115 x H65 x D10 mm.

Moomin Memo

Stand A memo stand featuring Little Mii sitting on a package with an invoice addressed to Moomin. It is recommended to use it together with the die-cut memo set (sold separately).

Post Office "Moomin Goods

Price: 1,430 yen. Size: approx. W55 x H120 x D50mm.


Die-cut Memo Set Die-cut memo set containing 25 sheets of each of 4 different designs. Comes with a special box. Can be displayed on a desk by standing the paper legs on the back of the box.

Post Office "Moomin Goods

The price is 680 yen. The size of the memo is approx. W90 x H(maximum) 110 mm.

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