Francfranc cat motif items

Francfranc Cat Motif Items Popularity Ranking

Various "cat motif items" are available at Francfranc stores and online. We introduce the must-see items for cat lovers in a ranking format.

Survey outline】
Survey period: February 22, 2022 - January 31, 2023
Survey method: Number of items sold at Francfranc stores* and Francfranc online stores nationwide (products with color variations are calculated as a total value)

* Excluding Francfranc BAZAR (outlet stores).

No. 1 Ballot Antimicrobial Deodorant Handkerchief

A cat motif handkerchief with a delightful antimicrobial deodorant function. Various designs are available, from simple cats to charming cats.

Francfranc "Barotte antibacterial deodorant handkerchief

Available in cat face black, cat face beige, cat gray, cat white, cat blue, cat pink, angry cat yellow, and camouflage cat blue. Prices are 480 yen for a single item and 990 yen for a bundle of three.

No. 2 Cat Figure Mug

Cute mug with a cat motif on the handle that varies by color. The front of the mug has embossed footprints. The cat face shaped lid can be used to put a tea bag on or as a coaster.

Francfranc "Cat figure mug

Available in white, pink, gray, and black. The price is 1,600 yen.

No. 3 Lulu Hand


Gift Set Cat S/Lulu Hand Care Gift Set Cat XS

"Hand Cream Gift Set" includes hand cream and body mist. The "Hand Care Gift Set" includes hand cream and hand soap. The drawstring is compact enough to carry around and can also be used as a black cat print drawstring pouch.

Francfranc "Lulu Hand Cream Gift Set Cat S/Lulu Hand Care Gift Set Cat XS

The price is 1,800 yen for the hand cream gift set and 1,200 yen for the hand care gift set.

No. 4 Fun Fun Untangle Hairbrush Cat

Cute hairbrush with an adorable cat design. The long pins eliminate tangles and the short pins shape the surface of the hair. Price: 580 yen.

Francfranc "Fun Fun Untangle Hairbrush Cat


A mini bottle that is convenient for carrying around. The slim 180 ml size holds not only water and tea, but also powdered café au lait, while the 220 ml size is recommended for lunchtime use with soup or miso soup.

Francfranc "Chouchou Bottle Cat

Priced at 140 ml for 1,200 yen / 180 ml and 220 ml for 1,400 yen.

No. 6 Mimi Body Care Gift Set

This adorable body care set with a cat motif includes a cat-shaped sponge in the M size.

Francfranc "Mimi Body Care Gift Set

Price: M size 2,400 yen / L size 3,400 yen.


. 7 Caprice Toothbrush Cat -

A cute toothbrush you'll want to show off. Price: ¥280.

Francfranc "Caprice Toothbrush Cat

No. 8 Cat

Face Multi-Mat This cat face shaped multi-mat is easy to coordinate with various scenes. It is machine washable, so it can be used anytime for cleanliness.

Francfranc "Cat face multi-mat

Available in gray and black. The price is 2,900 yen.

No. 9 Cat Soy Sauce

Jug A soy sauce jug with a cat pouring soy sauce from its hand. Designed to prevent dripping.

Francfranc "Cat Soy Sauce Jug

Available in white and black. Price: 800 yen.

No.10 Tissue Box Krissia Cat

A book-shaped tissue case with a cool-looking cat accented with a gold ribbon. The mirror on the inside makes it convenient for use during makeup sessions. Price: 2,800 yen.

Francfranc "Tissue Box Clicia Cat

No. 11 Pen Stand Mignon Cat

A pen stand designed to look like a cat peeking inside a flower ball. It can also be used as a toothbrush stand. The price is 864 yen.

Francfranc "Pen Stand Mignon Cat

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