Nitori "Reduced Smoke Yakiniku Grill Plate

Nitori "Reduced Smoke Yakiniku Grill Plate"

The "Reduced Smoke Yakiniku Grill Plate" is now on sale at some Nitori stores and on Nitori net, and a "free home appliance delivery campaign" is underway until March 21 (Tuesday).

Smoke Reducing Yakiniku Grill


In response to the popular opinion that "home yakiniku is difficult to clean due to the smell of smoke and oil splashes," Nitori has released a yakiniku grill plate that drastically reduces smoke and oil splashes. The corrugated cut on the back of the plate quickly removes oil to the water tray, thereby reducing oil splatter, which causes smoke, by about 72% and oil splatter by about 80% (as verified by a testing institute). This reduces excess oil, resulting in a healthier finish.

Nitori "Smoke Reduction Yakiniku Grill Plate

The plate has a curved design (design acquired) to prevent straight foods such as asparagus from getting stuck. There is also a flat plate surface that allows for flat cooking, so there is no need to worry about dropping small pieces of food into the grooves.

Nitori "Reduced Smoke Yakiniku Grill Plate

The entire plate and water tray can be removed for washing in water. After washing, simply wipe up the main unit for easy cleanup after eating. Be careful not to allow water to get into the heater inlet.

Nitori "Smoke Reduction Yakiniku Grill Plate

Product name: Smoke Reduction Yakiniku Grill Plate (WN301G BK)
Price: 4,990 yen (tax included)
Size: 470 mm (W) x 285 mm (D) x 85 mm (H)
Color: Black

Free Appliance Delivery


Free appliance delivery campaign is being conducted until March 21 (Tue). Free delivery of home appliances is available until March 21 (Tue.). During this campaign, if you purchase home appliances including lighting fixtures (excluding clocks and kotatsu) for a total of 60,000 yen or more including tax at a store during the campaign period, the delivery fee will be waived.

Nitori "Free Appliance Delivery Campaign

If you purchase on Nitori Net, you will receive up to 4,950 yen (including tax) worth of member's app membership points for the delivery fee.