Chifure New Point Makeup Products for Spring/Summer 2023


New Point Makeup Products for Spring/Summer 20

23 The Chifure brand will sequentially release two new point makeup colors for spring/summer 2023: two colors of Chifure Gradation Eyeshadow, two colors of Chifure Nail Enamel, and two colors of Chifure Eye Brow Pencil Hollow Type from March 1 (Wednesday).

The new color theme for spring/summer 2023 is "Cheerful Pop. The collection depicts a creative worldview that boldly expresses individuality, reminding us that beauty is original and free. The color range is a harmony of energetic colors and subtle lamé that is both powerful and glamorous.

Available at drugstores, supermarkets, face-to-face mass merchandisers, directly-managed stores, department stores, Chifure Group catalog mail order, Chifure online store, EC malls with official Chifure distribution, etc. nationwide.


Gradation Eye Shadow

Elegant gradation makeup can be easily completed by layering the highlight color, medium color, and line color with different pearlescence in sequence. Use a nuanced color of your choice for a more gorgeous eye look.

The moist powder that conforms to the eyelid provides a long-lasting finish. Color is beautifully applied with just one swipe, and the finish is even and even. Comes with a comfortable tip. Fragrance free.

76 Red Brown

An energetic color that evokes the strength of the earth. Layers of red brown and brown pearls blend well with the skin to create a healthy eye look. Priced at 693 yen (tax included, same as below).

Chifure Gradation Eye Shadow

08 Cheerful Flower

A color that creates its own originality with a blooming ennui color. This palette is full of vitality that will open up a new path for you. Price: 880 yen. Limited quantity of colors.

Chifure Gradation Eye Shadow

Chifure Nail En

amel Nail enamel that dries quickly and keeps its freshly applied color and gloss for a long time. Easy to apply with a flat brush that prevents smudging. Contains panthenol, a moisturizing ingredient. Oxybenzone-free, toluene-free, and fragrance-free.

349 Purple

An exquisite, mature lavender that is also glamorous. Price: ¥440.

Chifure Nail Enamel

820 Greenish Lame

A pop and gorgeous greenish lame with lame lurking in the primary color tone. Price: 440 yen.

Chifure Nail Enamel

Chifure Eyebrow Pencil Hollow-out

Type Hollow-out type eyebrow pencil that can be used without sharpening. With a screw brush for blending, it creates natural, three-dimensional, beautiful eyebrows. Lasting formula adheres well to skin and resists water, sweat, and sebum for a long-lasting, beautiful finish. Fragrance free.

23 Pink Brown

A strong yet gorgeous pink brown. Price: ¥440.

Chifure Eyebrow Pencil, hollowed-out type.

24 Mocha

Brown A soft, enchanting mocha brown. Price: 440 yen.

Chifure Eyebrow Pencil, hollowed-out type.