Rush, "A Smoke of Celebration."

Lush "

Celebration Smoke"


"Celebration Smoke" bath bomb set will be available at 77 Lush stores and official online store on March 10 (Fri.) in Japan only and in limited quantities. The price is 1,400 yen (tax included).



The "Smoke" series is a new series of bath bombs that allow you to take a relaxing break in the bath while feeling the changing of the four seasons. Using Japanese raw materials, these products are tailored to the Japanese bath culture. The products are about 1/3 the size of the bath bombs usually sold at Rush, and can be easily used during daily bath time.

The new "Celebration Smoke" uses ingredients inspired by sake, which is enjoyed in various forms during celebrations in Japanese culture. It comes in three varieties, "Toso," "Sugitama," and "Mondei," as well as a reusable tea bag.

Rush, "A Smoke of Celebration."


A bath bomb inspired by


, an auspicious liquor drunk at New Year's to wish for longevity and good health. The original toso is said to be a herbal liquor made by soaking a mixture of 5 to 10 herbal medicines in sake or mirin (rice wine). Rush combines aromatic spices such as sansho, cinnamon, cardamom, and pink pepper.

Rush, "A Smoke of Celebration."

Grape sansho from Kanja Sanshoen is partially used as a topping. It has a strong aroma unique to sansho, and when floated in hot water, it delivers a refreshing citrus-like aroma.


This bath bomb gets its name from the "Sugi-dama" (cedar ball) that hangs in sake breweries. It contains sake lees, the symbol of highly moisturizing sake.

Rush, "A Smoke of Celebration."

Contains sake lees from Terada Honke, a sake brewery associated with the Golden Eagle Project, which aims to restore biodiversity and create sustainable communities. Terada Honke's Sake Lees contains sake made from 100% pesticide-free rice, and its ingredients include koji, which is made from rice and water. No brewing alcohol or other additives are used. Daigo no Shizuku sake lees is brewed by reproducing the method of making doburoku around the Kamakura period (1185-1333).


) This bath bomb is inspired by "amazake," which has been popular among men and women of all ages since ancient times. It contains rice candy (rice syrup), a traditional Japanese sweetener, and rice malt, which is made by fermenting rice. The rice malt keeps the skin healthy.

Rush, "A Smoke of Celebration."

Blended with rice syrup, which has a moisturizing effect and leads to glowing skin, it produces mellow water with a slightly sweet aroma. Kanazawa Daichi's home-made "organic rice syrup" is used for the rice syrup. It is made only from organic rice and organic barley from our own farm.

The place of production may vary depending on the season and product.