Nitori "Mini rice cooker

Nitori "Mini Rice Cooker"

A 2-cup "mini rice cooker" is now on sale at all Nitori stores and on Nitori net.

Mini Rice


In response to the requests from customers who want to cook rice quickly and have trouble finding a space for a large rice cooker, Nitori developed a compact mini rice cooker that can cook a small amount of rice at high speed. When [Small amount fast cooking] is selected in the menu, 0.5 cups of rice, which is equivalent to about one cup of tea, can be cooked in about 18 minutes (*1 and *2). When preparing lunch on busy mornings or when you want to prepare a quick meal for one person, the rice is cooked while you are cooking a side dish, making it more efficient.

Nitori "Mini rice cooker

* 1 According to the company's research (average of measurements of 0.5 cups of rice cooked at high speed in small quantities at a room temperature of approx. 23°C and water temperature of approx. 23°C. ) With the fast cooking menu, 0.5 cups of rice takes approximately 28 minutes to cook, and with the normal menu, 0.5 cups of rice takes approximately 40 minutes. Rice cooking time varies depending on the season (water and room temperature), amount of water, and voltage.
2 The "small amount fast" menu can be used for up to 1 cup of rice; for more than 1 cup, use the "fast" menu.

The normal rice cooker can cook up to 2 cups of rice, which is equivalent to about 4 cups of rice, so it can be used for a wide range of people from single person to family. With a width of approximately 20 cm and a height of approximately 22 cm, this is the most compact size among Nitori's rice cookers currently on the market. It can be installed and stored even in small spaces, making effective use of limited kitchen space.

The rice cooker comes with such nice features as heat retention and easy timer reservation (up to 12 hours for both), and can also be used to make "porridge," "cooked rice," and "cake" by switching between 8 different menus.

Nitori "Mini rice cooker

Not only can the inner lid be removed for washing, but the rice cooker is also equipped with a "clean" menu that sterilizes the inner pot and lid by boiling. This allows for easier and more hygienic use.

Nitori "Mini rice cooker

Product name: Mini rice cooker (2-cup NJ201 WH)
Price: 5,990 yen (including tax)
Size: 195 mm (W) x 211 mm (D) x 214 mm (H)
Color: White
Accessories: Spoon, measuring cup, power cord (1 each)