L'Occitane "Five Herbs Deep Moisturizing

L'Occitane "Five Herbs

Deep Moisturizing" L'Occitane's highly moisturizing hair care "Five Herbs Deep Moisturizing" series will be available at L'Occitane stores and official mail order website on Wednesday, March 29. Reservations are now being accepted.

Five Herbs Deep


From L'Occitane's hair care series "Five Herbs," which contains five herbs carefully selected to address hair concerns, comes a new series "Five Herbs Deep Moisturizing" to treat dry damage. This time, we focused on the moisturizing power of olive oil.

Only L'Occitane is allowed to use olive oil, the highest quality olive oil from Provence in southern France, in its hair care products, and it won a gold medal at an olive oil competition. The oil is rich in oleic acid, which gives hair a strong moisturizing effect.

It is also said to be rich in vitamins A and E, and cares for hair that tends to be dry. In addition, essential oils of five carefully selected herbs protect hair and scalp from dryness.

There are three products in the lineup. A shampoo that repairs hair while maintaining moisture and leads to smooth hair down to the ends, a conditioner that wraps each strand of hair to lock in moisture and lead to moist, manageable hair, and a hair mask that contains 1.3 times more olive oil than conditioner to recharge moisture and nutrition inside the hair. This product is perfect for hair care in early spring, when hair is prone to dryness due to UV damage as well as dryness caused by spring winds.

L'Occitane "Five Herbs Deep Moisturizing

Prices including tax are as follows

Five Herbs Deep Moisturizing Shampoo 500mL 4,180 yen
・ Five Herbs Deep Moisturizing Conditioner 500mL 4,840 yen
・ Five Herbs Deep Moisturizing Hair Mask 200mL 4,620 yen