Nitori "Super lightweight cloth school bag

Nitori "Super Light

weight Cloth

School Bags"

Nitori sells "Super Lightweight Cloth School Bags. It is available in two colors, black and purple.

Super Lightweight Cloth


Bags Nitori's school bags were developed based on feedback from children and their parents. In response to requests for school bags that are as light as possible, Nitori has now introduced "ultra-lightweight cloth school bags," which are approximately 30% lighter than conventional school bags. * About 30% lighter than the average weight of the company's randoseru (about 25.9% to 34.6%).

In recent years, the burden on children's shoulders has increased due to heavier luggage for commuting to school, such as the distribution of tablet devices and an increase in teaching materials. Nitori has developed an ultra-lightweight 840g (29.63oz) cloth school bag, based on its long-cultivated school bag manufacturing technology, in the hope that children will be able to commute to school easily every day. The weight may vary slightly depending on humidity, color of the school bag, etc.

The bag has 12 easy-to-use functions for children, including a convenient double zipper that opens both ways and a dedicated tablet pocket with cushioning material. While maintaining functionality, it is also focused on a low price of 19,900 yen (including tax).

Nitori "Super lightweight cloth school bag

The main body fabric is made of Cordura polyester and Cordura nylon, which are strong and durable. It has a water-repellent finish and can be hand-washed.

Nitori "Super lightweight cloth school bag

The main body has an expandable zipper, and when expanded, the internal dimensions increase from approximately 14 cm to approximately 18 cm, increasing capacity, so it can hold a tablet, water bottle, school shoes, teaching materials, school lunch bag, and even an A4 flat file. The side pockets make it easy to take a folded umbrella or other items in and out of the bag.

Nitori "Super lightweight cloth school bag

[Product Outline]
Product name: Ultra-lightweight cloth school bag
Price: 19,900 yen (including tax)
Size (approx.): 27 (W) x 15 (D) x 36 cm (H)
Color range: 2 colors (black, purple)