L'Occitane "Elba Garden" series

L'Occitane "Elba Garden" Series

The "Elba Garden" series, a limited edition fragrance for spring 2023, will be available at L'Occitane stores nationwide and on the official mail order website on Wednesday, March 29. Reservations are now being accepted.



The spring garden in Provence in the south of France, where the sun shines brightly, is a garden of light where plants and flowers begin to shine. Once you step into the garden, you will see colorful flowers in full bloom. Spanish broom like a dancing yellow butterfly, gorgeous jasmine, the holy herb holy grass, and large-flowered ylang-ylang. Each one of them has a vivid individuality and leaves a bright scent impression.

The new "Elba Garden" is a bright and gorgeous floral bouquet fragrance that evokes the image of a garden of light with flowers overflowing with color under a blue spring sky. Worn on a bright spring day, it will make you feel refreshed.

The lineup includes an eau de toilette, a jelly-type fragrance that is convenient for carrying around, a shower gel that soothes with its gorgeous fragrance, and a body milk that fills the skin with rich moisture. The design of the fragrance is sure to make your heart flutter just by looking at the illustration of the sky blue and yellow flowers.

L'Occitane "Elba Garden" series

The lineup is as follows. Prices include tax.

Elba Garden Eau de Toilette 50mL 8,800 yen
・ Elba Garden Jelly Fragrance 10mL 2,310 yen
・ Elba Garden Shower Gel 250mL 3,410 yen
・ Elba Garden Body Milk 250mL 4,400 yen
・ Elba Garden Hand Cream 30mL 1,595 yen