Shiseido Integrate "Suppin Maker Tone Up UV

INTEGRATE "Suppin Maker Tone

Up UV"

Shiseido's makeup brand "INTEGRATE" will release "Suppin Maker Tone Up UV" on April 21 (Fri.). The estimated price is 1,540 yen (tax included).

In response to the growing number of "no-foundation" skincare users, the "SUPPIN MAKER TONE-UP


" is a liquid type product in the "SUPPIN MAKER Series" that allows users to easily create beautiful skin with a single product. The new product line features "Transparency Effect Powder" to make pores and unevenness less noticeable and "Blurring Pink Powder" to brighten the skin while correcting dullness and unevenness of color to achieve a pore-less and more translucent skin.

Shiseido Integrate "Suppin Maker Tone Up UV

In this renewal, the water-based Watery Fit formula was newly adopted based on thorough research into the preferences of the "no-fundamentalist. It moisturizes but does not shine, leaving skin smooth and beautiful. In response to requests for a high SPF value for a makeup base, a high UV protection effect of SPF50+ and PA++++ has been achieved. It is also more resistant to sticking to masks, making it easy to use during the daytime and keeping your skin beautiful all day long.

(No fading, no visible pores, no dullness, no shine, and moistness).

Shiseido Integrate "Suppin Maker Tone Up UV

Contains ionic mineral powder to prevent skin irritation. Can be removed with soap and water. Fragrance-free, acne-resistant formula, allergy tested. Not everyone is free from acne or allergies.

Sold at approximately 17,000 stores, including drugstores, GMS, and cosmetics specialty stores. It will also be sold on Shiseido's comprehensive beauty website, watashi+.