CAMMAKE "Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom" and "Styling Dual Eyebrow

CAMMAKE March New Items

Here is a summary of new items from CAMMAKE to be released in late March.

Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom~

A face powder that keeps freshly made-up tone-up skin for a long time. With a single application, it blurs unevenness of the skin and covers pores as if the skin's texture has been refined. Formulated with sebum-absorbing powder to prevent shine and maintain a beautiful finish.

CAMMAKE "Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom

By mixing the five colors, uneven skin tone can be corrected, and since each color comes out well, single color use is also recommended. Comes with a mirror and a special puff.

CAMMAKE "Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom

Contains 15 kinds of beauty essence ingredients and natural mineral ingredients. UV protection (SPF19/PA++). Price: 1,034 yen (tax included).

The new color "03 Plumeria Wreath" is a fresh color that enhances the glamorous look. Plumeria is a popular flower as a lei flower in Hawaii and other places, and the wreath is said to express the wish that happiness will last forever. The new color is named after the plumeria wreath because it looks like the color scheme of a plumeria wreath.

CAMMAKE "Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom

Styling Dual Ey

ebrows Wax-based eyebrows for styling hair flow. The wax base with firm coloring fills in the gaps and shapes the eyebrows. The softly pigmented powder base creates a three-dimensional finish.

CAMMAKE "Styling Dual Eyebrow

The powder base is layered on top of the wax base, which is highly water-repellent, to improve adhesion. The formula is resistant to water, sweat, and rubbing, so even the ends of eyebrows, which tend to fall off, are kept in place. Contains moisturizing argan oil (argania spinosa kernel oil) and jojoba seed oil.

CAMMAKE "Styling Dual Eyebrows

Double-ended brush. The diagonal cut brush has short bristles with just the right amount of firmness, making it perfect for the end of the eyebrow. The thick brush is designed in an arched shape to fit the top of the brow.

CAMMAKE "Styling Dual Eyebrow

Three colors are available: 01 Natural Brown, which is easy to match with any makeup; 02 Warm Brown, which is warmer and more reddish; and 03 Rose Fog, a pinkish brown that gives a pretty impression. The price is 792 yen (tax included).

CAMMAKE "Styling Dual Eyebrow


Nail foundation to make nails look beautiful. It naturally covers unevenness, uneven coloring, and yellowing of nails. Comes in sheer colors that are easy to adjust to your desired color.

Can also be used as a colored base coat, preventing color migration of nail polish color and enhancing color development and retention. The liquid-absorbing, firm brush spreads in a fan shape for even and beautiful application.

CAMMAKE "Foundation Colors

The limited edition color "06 Sheer Apricot" is a skin-blending apricot that gives a natural blood color. The limited edition color "07 Milky Orange" is an orange that reduces dullness and gives a fresh impression. Price: 396 yen.