Nitori New Collection "Living in Comfort

Nitori New Collection "Living

in Comfort" Nitori's new collection "Living in Comfort" to enrich your time at home has been on sale since Friday, March 24, 2012.

The theme of the new collection is "Living in Comfort. The materials are carefully selected for their texture to satisfy the five senses of the people who live in them, and the harmony of the combination of these materials brings about an everlasting comfort. Four plans are available to accommodate different lifestyles.

Classic Modern


Sofa Set

This corner sofa


is spacious and comfortable with a soft touch. The simple design blends comfortably with nature-inspired living. 199,000 yen (tax included). Width 265 x Depth 175 x Height 70 cm.

Nitori New Collection "Living in Comfort


: Combine the corner sofa set with stools to stretch your legs and relax even more. 24,900 yen. W 56 x D 89 x H 43 cm.

Accent c

ushion The rough surface of this cushion gives it a sense of warmth. The easy-to-use rectangular shape supports your relaxing time in bed, whether you rest your elbows on it or place it on your waist. The loops of material, each handcrafted by artisans in India, accentuate the room. 2,990 yen. W 30 x D 50 cm.

Nitori New Collection "Living in Comfort

Natural Modern

Corner Sofa Set

A spacious sofa for family and friends. The L-shaped design makes it easy to meet face-to-face and encourages conversation. The semi-high backrest is just the right height to provide good back comfort without sacrificing the open feel of the room. 169,000 yen. W 221 x D 221 x H 86.6 cm.

Nitori New Collection "Living in Comfort

Counter Set

A high counter and table set made of solid pine. While cooking, you can enjoy communicating with your family in the living room and dining room. The table can be pulled out to create a compact eating area or a desk for the whole family. 99,800 yen. 130 cm (width) x 78 cm (depth) x 90 cm (height).

Nitori New Collection "Living in Comfort

Natural Vintage

Dining Board

A cabinet for displaying and storing your favorite wines. The rattan and oak wood will grow in texture as you use it more and more, and will accompany you as time passes by slowly. Dining board: 99,900 yen. 110 cm (width) x 42 cm (depth) x 134 cm (height).

Nitori New Collection "Living in Comfort

Personal chair/stool

A chair and ottoman made of all-leather to enjoy the changing tastes over time. The soft texture of the leather will soothe you every time you touch it. The seat is made of pocket coils, which reduce fatigue even after sitting for a long time.

Nitori New Collection "Living in Comfort

Personal chair 79,900 yen / width 74 x depth 84 x height 80 cm. stool 29,900 yen / width 52 x depth 42 x height 42 cm.

Flower V

ase The pale, translucent recycled glass of this flower vase complements flowers and plants. The uneven surface of the handmade glass shimmers in the light.

Nitori New Collection "Living in Comfort

Flower vase (left): ¥2,490 (W14 x D14 x H16.5 cm) Flower vase (right): ¥2,990 (W13 x D13 x H26 cm)

Simple Modern


The back of the


partially slips out, making it easy to sit in either the living or dining area. This sofa is easy to sit on from either the living room or dining room, and does not block the line of sight or conversation. The smooth feel of the fabric and the fit of the seat make it a comfortable place to relax. Water-repellent fabric that makes daily maintenance easy. 99,900 yen. W 190 x D 92 x H 62 cm.

Nitori New Collection "Living in Comfort

Single bed frame

Headboard made of comfortable fabric with USB outlet and shelf. Two beds can be placed side by side to allow each person to spend time freely while still feeling each other's presence. 39,900 yen. 99 cm (W) x 215 cm (D) x 90 cm (H).

Nitori New Collection "Living in Comfort