Nitori-net "Futon Washing Service

Nitori-net "Futon Washing Service"

As the temperature gets warmer, it is time to put away your winter futons. Nitori-net has launched a "Futon Washing Service" to wash and store futons.

Nitori Net has launched a futon


and home-delivery cleaning service to solve such problems as "I want to wash my futon but it is too heavy to carry to a dry-cleaning store," "I don't have time to go to a dry-cleaning store," and "I don't have a place to store my futon. This is a tie-up with Futonmaki no Jiro, which operates a laundromat that washes whole futons.

The service can be ordered anywhere in Japan, with free shipping, and futons are picked up at home and shipped after cleaning. Two services are available: an express futon cleaning service that delivers in as little as five days (business days) and a futon cleaning service with storage.

Our detergent penetrates and cleans right down to the center of the padding, and our unique technology and systems enable us to thoroughly wash even the center of the padding, which has been difficult to wash using conventional techniques. The result is a fluffy finish.

Nitori-net "Futon Washing Service

We wash futons individually to avoid mixing with other customers' futons. Specialist staff checks the material and type of futon, the degree of soiling, and reflects the results in the washing process, carefully setting the temperature and time of the washing machine and dryer.

[Outline of services]
・ Urgent futon cleaning 9,990 yen (tax included)
Minimum delivery time: 5 days
* Excludes weekends and holidays. Also varies by region.

Futon cleaning with storage 11,900 yen (tax included)
Long-term storage up to 9 months

Items covered: mattresses, comforters, down comforters, kotatsu comforters, blankets

Nitori-net "Futon Washing Service

Size of collection bag: Width (approx.) 55 x Girth (approx.) 24 x Depth (approx.) 95 cm; up to 10 items can be packed in a compression bag.
Requested items will be delivered together at one time. Multiple deliveries are not possible. Three deliveries are free of charge, including the shipping fee for the dedicated collection kit, pickup fee, and shipping fee.
This service is available only on Nitori Net. Cannot be ordered at stores.