LUSH "The Super Mario Brothers Movie" Limited Collaboration Products


"The Super Mario Bros. Movie" Limited Collaboration Product

LUSH's 77 stores nationwide, official online store, and Lush official app will launch a limited collaboration product with the new action animation movie "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" by Nintendo and Illumination, " Lush x The Super Mario Bros. Movie" will go on sale on Friday, April 14.

Lush x The Super Mario Bros.


is the only collaboration between this movie and a cosmetic brand. The lineup includes 12 kinds of bath bombs and other products featuring the main characters from the movie.

LUSH "The Super Mario Brothers Movie" Limited Collaboration Products


This is Rush's first attempt at a bath bomb (bath additive) with soap inside. When dissolved in the bath, the HATENABLOCK-shaped bath bombs reveal soaps with motifs of iconic power-up items. The power-up items, from powerful mushrooms to stars, are revealed when the bath bomb is dissolved. 2,400 yen (tax included, same as below).



Mario Shower Gel

A sweet and spicy scent blending lime, black pepper, and pomegranate. 1,200 yen/110g (3.88oz), 2,400 yen/280g (9.88oz), 4,000 yen/560g (19.75oz).

LUSH "Mario Shower Gel

Luigi Shower Gel

Refreshing shower time with a fresh apple scent. Neroli essential oil extracted from bitter orange trees combines freshness with a floral and gorgeous fragrance, leading to a bright mood. 1,200 yen/110g (3.88oz), 2,400 yen/280g (9.88oz), 4,000 yen/560g (19.75oz).

LUSH "Luigi Shower Gel

Princess Peach Shower Jelly

A jelly-like soap that foams when it touches wet skin. Naturally occurring carrageenan, a dried powder of mucilage extracted from seaweed, gives the shower jelly its distinctive pull. Contains peach extract rich in vitamin C. Tropical fragrance. 1,000 yen/100g (3.53oz), 2,000 yen/240g (8.47oz).

LUSH "Princess Peach Shower Jelly

Bowser Shower Jelly

Spicy scent of cinnamon and clove. Cinnamon and star anise condition the skin. 1,000 yen/100g (3.53oz), 2,000 yen/240g (8.47oz).

LUSH "Bowser Shower Jelly

Princess Peach Body Sp

ray A new fragrance body spray developed for this collaboration, dedicated to the beautiful Princess Peach. The fragrance smells like juicy peach and fresh pineapple. Champaka, the fragrance's component, grows in tropical evergreen forests in South Asia. The bright, playful scent is accompanied by sweet notes of floral and honey. 5,100 yen/200 ml.

LUSH "Princess Peach Body Spray

Gold Coin Soap

This fragrance is in the same vein as Rush's signature soap, "Honeybee March. Bergamot and sweet orange keep skin healthy. 860 yen/100g (3.53oz).

LUSH "Gold Coin Soap

In addition to the cosmetic items, a gift box featuring a yellow Hatena block is also available. By selecting and packing your favorite products from the collaboration lineup, you can create a secret custom-made gift perfect for movie fans.