diabeaute oil-in shampoo and conditioner (Moomin Summer)

diabeaute HIMAWARI

"Moomin Summer"

Kracie Home Products' diabeaute HIMAWARI will release a limited edition diabeaute oil-in shampoo and conditioner (Moomin Summer) featuring the popular character "Moomin" on Monday, May 15. The product will go on sale on May 15 (Mon.) in limited quantities.


shampoo and conditioner are formulated with menthol, a skin-cleansing ingredient, to cleanse the scalp and refresh the skin. The damage sensor function targets and intensively repairs damaged areas, repairing hair damage caused by UV rays and other factors. The fruity mint fragrance with a hint of freshly picked herbs is reminiscent of a refreshing summer in Northern Europe.

The "swell control formula" corrects imbalances in lipids and moisture and leads to swell-free hair. The conditioner contains honey (moisturizing ingredient) and coating oil (isodecyl neopentanoate). It controls moisture inside the hair and prevents swell caused by humidity such as rain.

The shampoo is a non-silicone formulation containing four types of amino acid-based cleansing ingredients.

The bottle is summer-inspired with blue tones featuring the Moomin family. The outer box can be cut out and used as a message card.

diabeaute oil-in shampoo and conditioner (Moomin Summer)

Sold only as a set (500mL + 500g (17.64oz)). Price is open. Available at drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.