Nitori "N Cool Bedding" 2023 model



N Cool Bedding" 2023 Model The popular "N Cool Bedding" 2023 model is now on sale at Nitori stores and on Nitori net.

N-Cool Bedding

" FY2023

Models There are three types of "N-Cool Bedding": the standard cold "N-Cool" series, the colder "N-Cool Super" series, and the coldest and longest-lasting "N-Cool W Super" series. The "N Cool" series is smooth, the "Super" series is glutinous, and the "W Super" series is smooth and glutinous, depending on your preference. All series have been reviewed from the ground up to achieve a more comfortable feel on the skin.

Nitori "N Cool Bedding" 2023 model

Reversible design with cool and refreshing material on the front side and light and airy material on the back side. Can be used from early spring to autumn. The product is applicable to mattress pads, underquilts, cool kets, and pillow pads.

Nitori "N Cool Bedding" 2023 model

The W Super Series, popular for its No. 1 cool feeling, has become even cooler this year. PCM microcapsules with a sustained cooling function are applied to the central part of the body (torso), which tends to retain heat, to make it cooler and keep it cooler longer.

This year, a deodorant function has been added to the cool kits, and for the first time in Nitori's history, all three series of bedding products (N Cool, N Cool Super, and N Cool W Super) come standard with a sweat and age-related odor control function. All N Cool series are equipped with functions to solve summer problems, such as machine washability, antibacterial/odor control, room-drying odor control, deodorant processing, and the use of moisture absorbing/releasing wadding that prevents stuffiness even during the humid rainy season.

Some of our recommended products. All prices include tax.

N Cool Super

Easy-to-Place Pad N Cool


is an easy-to-place pad that has no elastic bands on the four corners for a sleek appearance and has an anti-slip surface on the back side. The non-slip surface has been improved based on customer feedback, making it even more resistant to shifting. Single size: 2,990 yen (also available in different sizes and colors).

Nitori "N Cool Super Easy-to-Place Pad


Pad N Cool W Super

BOX pad that combines a sheet and mattress pad into one. This year, the much-requested W Super series is newly released. The gusset portion stretches for easy and troublesome installation. This is a great product that reduces the number of times you have to wash and dry it, making housework easier. Single size: 4,990 yen (also available in different sizes and colors).

Nitori "BOX Pad N Cool W Super

Pet bed N Cool W Super

The 2023 model of the W Super series has an added deodorant function against pet odors. Like bedding, the W Super pet bed is even cooler and stays cooler longer. Recommended for households with pets that are sensitive to heat. Square M 2,990 yen (different sizes and circular types are also available).

Nitori "Pet Bed N Cool W Super