Capsule toy "clerical lunch band"

Capsule Toy Clerical L

unch Band From the original capsule toy brand TAMA-KYU, "Clerical Lunch Band" will be available. The price is 300 yen (tax included) for one. Contents are random. Body size is 145mm.



Bands Lunch bands from TAMA-KYU's very popular "Clerical Series" are now available. The new series includes a variety of useful words such as "Please eat as soon as possible" and "Lunch with lots of love," as well as funny words such as "Never...never open...! and "chives" are also available. In addition to bento boxes, the "Bento" can be used in a variety of ways, including as a organizer for notebooks and books, or attached to a notebook-type phone case.

The lineup consists of a total of eight types, as follows

A Taste of Handmade
・ Thank you for your purchase
・ Please eat as soon as possible
・ Chef's Whimsical Gohan
・ Time Sale Items
・ Never...never open...!
・ Lots of love

The capsule toy "Clerical Lunch Band" can be used in various ways. If you see one, give it a try.