Momoya Juntenkan Group Beauty Facial Wipe Pad

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ifacial Wiping Pads Bifacial Wiping Pads from the long-selling Bifacial Series by the Momoya Juntenkan Group are now available in packs of 60 wipes, priced at 1,500 yen (excluding tax).

Bifacial Wiping


Meishoku Bifacial Water and Medicated Lotion are loved as the oldest lotion in Japan that prevents acne. While many are satisfied with its effectiveness, some have expressed a desire to use it more easily for daily care, so we have added a new product to our lineup in the form of a wipe pad that contains a generous amount of lotion.

The new product lineup includes a wipe pad type product that contains a lot of lotion.

Momoya Juntenkan Group Beauty Facial Wipe Pad

Compared to conventional facial water, this product contains much less alcohol and fragrance, and plant-derived moisturizing ingredients, making it safe to use even for those who have had skin problems in the past.