Softymo "Poke Peace Special Package" 4 kinds of cleansing oil, etc. Cute design of Pokemon.

Kose Cosmepport's cleansing brand "Softymo" has introduced "Pocket Peace Special Package," which will be available at mass merchandisers and drugstores nationwide from May 22.

Pocket Peace Special


Pocket Piece Special Package

The "Poképiece Special Package" features popular Pokémon designs on the packaging. The lineup consists of four products in four varieties at no-print prices.

Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil

Pocket Piece Special Package

Wet hands OK, eyelash extensions OK, no face wash required, speedy. Quickly blends with makeup to remove makeup deep in pores, stubborn keratin plugs, and even hard-to-remove waterproof mascara, leaving skin refreshed and clean. 230mL.

Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil

Pocket Piece Special Package

Cleanses makeup, keratin plugs, and blackheads. Contains mascara-clearing ingredients and keratin-clearing ingredients to remove stubborn keratin plugs and roughness, leaving skin smooth and silky. 230mL.

Softymo Cleansing Wash (Hyaluronic Acid)

Pocket Piece Special Package

Makeup remover and face wash. Contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin (moisture retention) (sodium acetyl hyaluronate and sodium hyaluronate). 190g (6.7oz).


Cleansing Wash (White

Pocket Piece Special Package

Makeup remover + face wash. The rich, dense, fine lather thoroughly removes even hard-to-remove makeup and pore dirt in one step, leading to glowing, bright skin. Contains vitamin C derivative (product antioxidant) (disodium L-ascorbate sulfate). 190 g. Sold as "Softymo White Medicated Cleansing Wash e [Quasi-drug].


: A small town somewhere in the world. There is a shared house where Pokémon and humans gather. Life here is laid-back, carefree, and free. Everyone takes a nap together, and parties are held on special occasions. The "peaceful" life of Pokemon. Why don't you take a peek?