rom&nd "Glazing Melting Balm" new colors "#08 Coralia" and "#09 Peonies

rom&nd "Glazing Melting Balm" new colors "#08 Coralia" and "#09 Peonies"

Two new colors of "Glazing Melting Balm" are now available from the Korean cosmetic brand "rom&nd. Light coral "#08 Coralia" and light pink "#09 Peonies" will be available in limited quantities at variety stores nationwide from May 25. Each is priced at 1,320 yen (tax included).

The soft texture is stretchy and moisturizing, and wraps the lips perfectly. While being a highly moisturizing balm, the coloring is excellent, and you can enjoy the color as you see it. Both #08 Coralia and #09 Peonies are brighter and more vibrant than the five colors released in March 2023, making them perfect for early summer makeup.



"#08 Coralia" is a light coral for warmer tones with added glamour.

Glazing Melting Balm "#08 Coralia

Glazing Melting Balm "#08 Coralia

#09 Peonies "#09

Peonies" is a light pink for cooler tones, like a bouquet of peonies.

Glazing Melting Balm "#09 Peonies

Glazing Melting Balm "#09 Peonies


Melting Bal

m "Glistening Melting Balm" was launched in Korea in November 2022 and has been gaining popularity for its beautiful finish and new texture. The product is a popular item loved by fans on social networking sites, etc., and is called "#Water Film Lip Balm”". It is characterized by a highly transparent shine, smooth texture, and a firm, plump finish.

Scheduled to be available at drugstores nationwide from June.
The date of release is the date of shipment from the manufacturer, and the date of availability may vary by store.