Ichiban Kuji Lottery "The Super Mario Brothers Movie


Ichiban Kuji Lottery "The Super Mario Brothers Movie" In commemoration of the release of "The Super Mario Brothers Movie," the latest in a series of no-hazure character lottery tickets, Ichiban Kuji Lottery "The Super Mario Brothers Movie" will be on sale. It will be sold sequentially at Lawson, bookstores, hobby stores, some game centers, Nintendo TOKYO, Nintendo OSAKA, Ichiban Kuji Lottery Official Shop, Ichiban Kuji Lottery ONLINE, etc. The price is 700 yen (tax included) per raffle.

Ichiban Kuji Lottery:

The Super

Mario Brothers Movie This is the Ichiban Kuji Lottery for Nintendo + Illumination's new action comedy animation "The Super Mario Brothers Movie. The lineup includes lifestyle goods such as cushions, tumblers, towels, and small plates featuring the Super Mario Bros. icons and characters from the movie.

Prize A is a voluminous cushion featuring a reproduction of the Hatena block. Prize B is a die-cut cushion in the shape of a Super Mushroom, which is just the right size (approx. 30 cm) to hold in your arms. Prize C is a tumbler printed with the Super Mario Bros. characters. There are a total of six different types to choose from, making this a fun item to collect.

In addition, there is a die-cut Super Star, a mini towel with items from the movie, and a small melamine plate that can be used as a plate or a tray for small items, all items that allow you to enjoy the world of "The Super Mario Bros. The last one will be drawn and you will get a prize.

The last one prize, which can be obtained by drawing the last one, is a die-cut cushion in the shape of Super Star, about 40 cm in size. There will also be a double chance campaign to win a large clay pipe-shaped hug pillow with Mario & Luigi printed on it.

Ichiban Kuji Lottery "The Super Mario Brothers Movie

The lineup is as follows

Prize A: Hatena block cushion (1 kind) approx. 25cm
Prize B: Super mushroom cushion (1 kind) approx. 30cm
Prize C: Tumbler (6 kinds) approx. 11cm
Prize D: Item design towel (6 kinds) approx. 20-25cm
Prize E: Melamine small plate (6 kinds) approx. 10cm
Last one prize: Super Star Invincible Cushion approx. 40cm
Double Chance Campaign: Earth Tube Type Dakimakura (Total 1 kind) approx. 50cm Total 30 pieces

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