Yojiya Summer Limited Items


s "Chilly Body Gel," "Aburatori-shi Aloe," and Other Limited Summer Items

Yojiya offers the following recommended summer items: "Chilly Body Gel," "Chilly Facial Sheet," and "Aburatori-shi Aloe. In addition, set products featuring recommended summer items, such as "Aburatorigami 2 Book Set (Aloe Mix)," "Tsuru Hiya Skin Care Set," "Summer 3-Piece Set 2023," and "Chilly Facial Sheet 3-Piece Set," went on sale on June 1, 2012.

Cool Body Gel

Yojiya "Chilly Body Gel

A cool-down and moisturizing two-in-one body gel with a summery rummy scent. Containing the cooling ingredients menthol and menthoxypropanediol, it cools down hot skin when going out on a hot day or after taking a bath. It can be used at room temperature or refrigerated/frozen for an even cooler sensation.

It also contains six moisturizing ingredients, including aloe vera leaf extract, sodium hyaluronate, and squalane, so you can comfortably enjoy moisturizing while cooling down in the summer, when it tends to be neglected. Another key point is that it can be used as a beauty essence (please avoid the eye area). Contents 120g (4.23oz), price 980 yen (tax included, same as below).

Cool Facial Sheet

Yojiya "Chilly Facial Sheet

Facial sheet to wipe away sweat and stickiness. The cooling ingredient menthol gives the sheet a cool, refreshing feeling that lasts for a long time. Moisturizing ingredients hyaluronic acid and aloe vera leaf extract are blended in, leaving skin cool and moisturized with just one wipe. With the same rummy scent as the body gel, it can be used on both the face and body. The 20-sheet packet is priced at 500 yen each.

Aburatorigami Aloe

Yojiya "Aburatori-gami Aloe

Aburatori-gami Aloe, a signature product, is now available in a cooler color for summer only. The quality and comfort of the traditional Aburatorigami are maintained, and aloe leaves are incorporated into the paper. Each book contains 20 sheets. Priced at 430 yen per book, 1,280 yen for a set of three, 2,125 yen for a set of five, and 4,235 yen for a set of 10.

Aburatorigami 2-book set (aloe mix

Yojiya "Aburatori-gami 2-book set (aloe mix)

A set of standard Aburatorigami and summer-only Aloe Aburatorigami in a clear case for easy carrying. The price is 910 yen.

Tsuru Hiya Skin Care Set

Yojiya "Tsuru Hiya Skin Care Set

This set includes a chilly body gel and "Tsuruhada Konnyaku," a facial cleansing sponge made of 100% natural konjac. After removing excess sebum and keratin with Tsuruhada-konjac, use the cool body gel as a beauty essence. The goal is to achieve smooth and moist skin while feeling cool. Price: 1,630 yen.

Summer 3-Piece Set 2023

Yojiya "Summer 3-Piece Set 2023"

This set includes a cool body gel, cool facial sheet, and a book of blotting paper aloe. Even sticky skin will feel cool and comfortable. Price: 1,910 yen.

Cool Facial Sheet Set of 3

Yojiya "Chilly Facial Sheet Set of 3

A special set of three cool facial sheets. Priced at 1,350 yen, a 10% discount from the regular price.

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