Lulurun "Premium Lulurun Sherbet Mask (Mint Fragrance)



Lulurun Sherbet Mask (Mint

Fragrance)" to be Frozen "Premium Lulurun Sherbet Mask (Mint Fragrance)" from the face mask brand "Lulurun" is available in limited quantities from June 8, 2012. It will be available at the official Lulurun online store, Aeon stores nationwide, and some souvenir stores.

Premium Lulurun Sherbet

Mask (m

int scent) A newly developed face mask that can be frozen in the freezer. The gel-like essence turns into a sorbet-like substance when frozen. Four types of beauty ingredients help to prevent various summer skin problems caused by sebum and ultraviolet rays.

Lulurun "Premium Lulurun Sherbet Mask (Mint Fragrance)

The smooth microfiber sheet does not fluff up even when frozen and spread out. The face-shaped mask is easy to spread even when frozen, and the cool sherbet mask tightens the skin and pores. By lowering skin temperature, it also has the effect of reducing sebum secretion. When used before makeup, it prevents makeup from falling off and even out skin tone by reducing redness. Also, the silky powder formula helps reduce the appearance of uneven texture and pores.

Lulurun "Premium Lulurun Sherbet Mask (Mint Fragrance)

Set of 5 bags of 1 sheet each, priced at 1,650 yen (tax included).