Déjà Vu "Film Eyebrow Color Limited Edition Baked Orange

Deja Vu Film Eyebrow Color Limited Edition Baked Orange

Deja Vu will sell a limited quantity of "Baked Orange," a summer limited edition color of the "Film Eyebrow Color" eyebrow color. The release date is July 14. The price is 880 yen (tax included).

Film Eyebrow Color

Limited Edition Baked Orange

The "Film Eyebrow Color" is designed to color eyebrows one by one without hardening them, leaving the soft texture of one's own eyebrows untouched.

The limited edition summer color is "Baked Orange," a dull orange that blends well with the skin. It is a bright, summery orange with a slightly baked, dull look. In addition, white polarized pearls are blended to create an airy texture without being too heavy. The color is finished to have both a mature and neat look while retaining just the right amount of casualness.

Gently add an orange nuance to your eyebrows to further update the classic summer orange makeup look. The "dull orange" color, which does not distract from the face and is easy to use on a daily basis, gives your eyebrows a summer color with a single application.

Déjà Vu "Film Eyebrow Color Limited Edition Baked Orange

We developed a unique [Flexible Film] in order to maintain the "soft hair texture" and "good coloring" at the same time. The micro-film component is finer in particle size than conventional products and adheres firmly to the hairs even with a small amount, and the amount of the film component has been successfully reduced. The film component has been successfully reduced to achieve a softer eyebrow texture.

In addition, a thin film layer is formed on each eyebrow hair in a mille-feuille-like layering, resulting in excellent coloration.

The brush is 3mm in diameter at its shortest point, and its smallest size allows the product to be used on eyebrows that grow in line with the skin, raising eyebrows from the root and combing them one by one while coloring all the way to the tips. The product does not stick to the skin and allows the hairs to be styled as desired from the beginning of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow.

The small film ingredients are densely aligned to form a dense film on the eyebrows, making it resistant to sebum, sweat, and rubbing, and can be easily removed with just hot water. It also contains beauty ingredients that are gentle to eyebrows and skin. Moisturizing ingredient: propylene glycol

In addition, as part of its SDGs efforts, Déjà Vu began switching from conventional blister packaging to a bag format in June. The changeover has resulted in a reduction of about 60% in plastic, or 87 tons of plastic per year. The changeover will begin gradually.